Corrie spoilers seal heartbreaking death in Paul Foreman MND storyline

Next week, a tragic death will be shown on Coronation Street as part of Paul Foreman’s motor neurone illness plotline.

Paul’s MND was identified earlier this year after he didn’t appear to heal from an accident as quickly as he should have. He was devastated to learn that he had MND when the doctor conducted additional tests. He hid his illness from Billy and his friends for a while before finally disclosing it to them.

He has seen the situation develop over the previous few weeks, and he will learn the tragic news that his buddy Shelly Rothington has passed away next week. Paul experiences difficulty after learning of Shelly’s passing.

Summer tells Billy and Paul that phones are prohibited during their stag do in the ITV soap opera as she presents them a Polaroid camera. He is overjoyed, and Paul loves glitter and rainbows, so their stag party is filled with both. Billy soon begins to unwind as Gemma runs the drinking games.

Bernie receives a call from the police asking her to provide some information regarding what might be a fraud probe involving Shelly. While Bernie claims that she is merely assisting a woman by gathering a few packages for her, Paul is left speechless by the police’s significant revelation to Bernie.

He decides to move forward with assisted suicide and tells Todd about his intentions, pleading with him to keep his plans private.

Together with George, Paul takes the initiative to organize Shelly’s burial. He tells George that he has written some remarks about Shelly that he would like to be placed with her body.

The actor who portrays Paul, Peter Ash, has previously spoken openly about the pressure he feels to accurately portray the plot.

Then, Peter said: “Paul is utterly taken by surprise by the diagnosis and he chooses to withhold the information from his family and friends as he struggles to come to terms with the news.Before starting the plot, I had very little knowledge of MND, and I am incredibly appreciative of the MND Association for all of their assistance and support. We are conscious that some individuals viewing this plot are actually experiencing it, therefore any actor portraying a character that examines a real-life issue or condition feels a great feeling of responsibility.

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