Corrie spoilers: Ryan arrested as Debbie’s money scam goes wrong

Coronation Street’s Ryan and Debbie are in serious water next week when their plan to fix money difficulties backfires on the ITV drama.

Debbie (Sue Devaney) has been struggling following an incident in one of her hotels that saw Ed electrocuted in a tragic accident, which put light on Ray’s shady shortcuts.

Following her takeover, Debbie realized she had neglected to ensure the wiring was secure, and when her accountant brought up fresh financial concerns, Debbie confided in Ryan (Ryan Prescott).

Debbie revealed to him her plans to stage a break-in in order to recover money from the insurance while she was drowning her sorrows behind the bar. She also offered him a proposition.

Ryan is going to be arrested on the soap next week, according to ITV spoilers, as the duo’s plan goes horribly wrong.

On Monday, August 1, Debbie takes a chance and gives Ryan the go-ahead to stage a break-in so she can file an insurance claim.

Ryan is upset when Debbie changes her mind and informs him the robbery is off later.

As “Casino Night” is getting started, Ryan tells Debbie that he’s going to fuse the electricity and take the money out of the safe, which will cause the cafe to go completely dark.

Ryan’s plan is reluctantly assisted by Debbie, and as the patrons of the Bistro move into the Rovers, Ryan stuffs the money into his gym bag.

However, Leanne interrupts his plan and forces Ryan to flee as she flips the switch to turn the lights back on.

Coming out of hiding, Ryan pretends to have just arrived while holding his bag of looted money.

Leanne returns to the Rovers to inform the patrons that “Casino Night” has been reinstated.

In later scenes, when Leanne discovers the money is completely gone and the police are called to the scene, Ryan has assured Debbie that the money is hidden in his bedroom, leaving her horrified.

Wednesday of that week, later in the middle, Ronnie presses Debbie for the truth.

Before calling the Rovers and questioning Ryan, Craig interrogates Debbie, Leanne, and Nick vehemently about the break-in.

Ed reveals that the CCTV is protected by a backup circuit and was not impacted by the power outage.

As Craig presses the play button on the CCTV, Leanne, Nick, Debbie, and Ronnie watch and can all clearly see that Ryan is the offender.

Ryan is taken into custody right away on theft suspicions, and in subsequent scenes, Ronnie accuses Debbie of planning an insurance scam.

Will Ronnie accept Debbie’s denials when she lies?

As he realizes he has nothing left, Ryan calls Debbie from the police station where he is having a police interview and threatens to drop her in it.

When Ryan and Nick run into each other on the street at the end of the week, he gives him 24 hours to return the money or he’ll make sure the police arrest him.

But Debbie has a plan, and Ryan assures her that he told the police that some sketchy guys threatened to kill him and forced him into the robbery.

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