Corrie spoilers for next week: Secret health battle and Gary’s deadly revenge

Next week’s episode of Coronation Street features problems for some and health worries for others.

A small cast of people take center stage, and there are two major plotlines for viewers to follow.

Three years after murdering Rick Neelan, Gary Windass could commit another murder, and Kelly, Rick Neelan’s daughter, could discover the truth.

Next week, she must endure a horrific experience, but recent incidents have made her wary.

Audrey Roberts causes anxiety for her loved ones in other places, and it becomes clear that she is concealing a significant matter from them.

The most recent soap opera spoilers have hinted that the soap legend may soon face a health crisis, though specifics are not yet known.

Gary Windass kills again?

Fans of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street may anticipate violent scenes as Gary Windass exacts his vengeance.

The protagonist must fight to free Kelly Neelan, a teenage girl who has been abducted and is being held by thugs for ransom.

Prior to his passing a few years ago, Kelly’s mobster father, Rick Neelan, owes money to those who he wronged.

Soon after learning Kelly had been abducted by one of Rick’s former clients, Gary leaves to rescue her.

Soon after taking her hostage, Kieron decides he wants the remaining funds Kelly received from her father. He makes a phone call to Gary through Kelly’s phone and demands £50,000 from him in exchange for Kelly’s release.

Before going to meet the kidnapper, Gary, who anticipates the worst, is able to obtain some of the money.

However, he only has half the ransom, and when he meets the thugs, they make it obvious that Kelly’s life will be miserable unless he can get the remainder of the money.

However, Gary managed to fool them, and he quickly forced his way into the cellar where Kelly was being detained. Kelly was then informed that Gary had hidden a tracking device in the money bag.

A brawl breaks out amongst the men until Kieron breaks in and uses a crowbar to try to stop their escape.

Kelly is astounded by the lengths Gary will go to in order to kill Kieron, but will he make a decision he could later regret?

Audrey’s health secret

The upcoming episode of the ITV series Coronation Street will feature concern for Audrey Roberts due to rumors of a hidden sickness or condition.

The persona keeps her whereabouts a secret when she is transported to the hospital since she has something to hide from her loved ones.

Her family started to worry about her drinking a few weeks prior, and only last month she was hurt when a motorbike landed on top of her.

She and her family made up after a stay in the hospital, and they have been concerned about her ever since.

The family is preparing a banquet to celebrate her birthday the next week.

She tells them she’d prefer to stay away from it because their last family supper deteriorated into pandemonium.

Audrey does show up, but she is disappointed with her birthday dinner.

Gail expresses concern that Audrey did not seem like herself when they first met when she later phones her mother to check on her.

Insinuating that everything is alright, Audrey reassures her that a good night’s sleep will fix everything.

She does not, however, address the fact that Audrey is in a hospital bed. What is wrong with Audrey, and will she recover?

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