Corrie spoilers for next week: Ryan goes missing and Faye betrays Craig ahead of exit

A character on Coronation Street will experience distressing moments next week as part of the dramatized acid attack plot line.

Ryan Connor will struggle to deal with his injuries and eventually vanish from the hospital.

Before leaving the ITV soap opera, another character is forced to make a significant and perhaps devastating choice.

Two options that could change Faye Windass’ life are presented to her—one by her ex Jackson and once by her partner Craig Tinker.

When Craig makes a marriage proposal in front of several other characters, she will be forced to pick between them. Here are the highlights of Corrie for the upcoming week.

Ryan goes missing

On Coronation Street the next week, Ryan Connor will vanish as he deals with some distressing information.

In a startling incident on Daisy’s wedding day, malevolent stalker Justin attempted to attack the bartender and waiter and hit them with corrosive liquid. Ryan, who is portrayed by actor Ryan Prescott, suffered body and facial burns as a result of the terrifying attack. He has been battling for his life in the hospital as he slowly learns the full extent of his wounds.

Ryan admits to Alya on the ITV soap that he is feeling even more afraid now that Justin has entered a not-guilty plea. He worries that he will have to relive it all in court in an effort to aid the prosecution in convicting Justin.

Ryan confesses his love to Alya after she makes a pledge to stand by his side during the journey, but how will she take it? As they talk about Ryan’s upcoming performances in Ibiza, Daisy visits him in the hospital and brings Crystal along.

Ryan tells Daisy that the conversation has really helped him concentrate, and he is now prepared to see his face and his wounds. He is terrified to realize that he needs a skin graft after seeing his face for the first time and discovering that it isn’t healing.

Ryan disappears and his backpack is gone when Daisy and Carla later walk into his room.

Faye betrays Craig

On Coronation Street the next week, Faye Windass would shockingly betray Craig Tinker.

Faye, portrayed by Ellie Leach, is anticipated to leave the cobbles this summer in startling scenes, and it appears that her exit plot is set up as next week on the ITV soap, Faye turns on her present lover in favor of her ex.

While Miley and Jackson are having fun being home, Faye is waiting for them at the factory. Craig gives them three tickets to the Weatherfield Giants basketball game, and she is overjoyed and deeply touched by his gesture.

Faye and Jackson exchange a thoughtful glance as they go for a private outing.

After Jackson’s interview, Faye agrees to meet up with him for drinks in the city, but she lies to Craig and says that she is actually meeting up with one of her female friends.

She is terrified when Beth shows up with Marco when they first meet at a hotel bar.

Jackson tells her everything about his job interview and how he got it, but when he asks her to go with him, he admits that the job is down south. When Beth takes her to the Victoria Street Gardens, where a small crowd has formed, things only grow worse.

Craig asks Faye to marry him while Miley and Jackson are present as well, and Faye is unable to conceal her disbelief. What will she decide after Jackson’s offer, and who will she choose to be with?

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