Corrie spoilers for next week: A killer returns, fire horror and DNA twist

Next week, huge twists in Coronation Street will appear, giving viewers lots to look forward to as the winter storylines develop.

A year after his murderous spree, Harvey Gaskell, played by Will Mellor, contacts someone, in a way representing the return of a killer.

Another murder might be solved elsewhere, and now that the DNA findings are in, Stu Carpenter might finally be exonerated of the crime he did not commit.

A fire also occurs, forcing Aaron Sandford to decide whether to pursue his romance with Summer Spellman as another character is sent to the hospital. Here is a preview of the upcoming week on the pavement.

Harvey returns

While appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, Will Mellor might be making a comeback to the ITV soap.

Next week’s spoilers suggest that the villainous Harvey Gaskell will make a comeback. Last year, when the killer returned to kill Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), he mistakenly killed Natasha Blakeman (Rachel Leskovac), leaving her son Sam (Jude Riordan) severely distraught. This produced turmoil and misery on the Cobbles.

The following week on the ITV soap opera, Nick surprises Leanne by telling her they had both received letters from prison. The two are astonished to discover that Harvey has given them permission to visit prisoners in jail.

Both of them try to move on when Nick rips them up and they decide not to reply.

Leanne, who is still in shock over the visiting order, tells Nick that she won’t be able to sleep until she understands what Harvey wants.

Fire horror

Next week on Coronation Street, there will be some unsettling scenes because fresh spoilers indicate that one character is in danger due to a fire.

Aaron Sandford is shocked to learn that his father has been sent to the hospital when his home catches fire.

Since Eric confessed how his alcoholic father had been abusive toward him, the youngster, who is dating Summer Spellman, has grown away from him.

Aaron, who has been refusing to see him, is relieved the following week when Billy and Todd consent to check on Eric for him instead of him.

His dad strikes out at Aaron and sends him a barrage of irate texts.

When Billy and Todd soon return from their visit, they report that Eric was angry and intoxicated, which causes Summer to worry about what he may do to Aaron if he goes home.

This prevents Aaron from seeing him, only for catastrophe to occur.

DNA twist

Next week on the ITV soap, fans of Coronation Street will experience a DNA shock when Alya Nazir learns fresh details about the case of Stu Carpenter.

The following week, Bridget and Eliza have breakfast with Yasmeen and Stu. However, Bridget is overcome by a question from Eliza about her granddad’s time in prison and bolts into the garden.

Stu follows her to comfort her and express his anger at being imprisoned for something he didn’t do, but Bridget’s unexpected revelation soon leaves him speechless.

Dee-Dee informs Alya through voicemail that the DNA results are due the following day.

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