Corrie spoilers: Fan favourite character attacked as protest takes dangerous turn

Next week, as a protest plays out on the cobblestones, violence breaks out on Coronation Street, putting several residents in danger.

When the situation spirals, Weatherfield police officer Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) is present at the demonstration and sustains significant injuries as a result.

According to ITV spoilers, there is a significant demonstration outside the plant.

Carla is alerted about the demonstration by Roy, Nina, and Toyah, who also push her to investigate Nadeem’s business methods more thoroughly.

As the demonstration gets started, Nadeem makes his way to the factory, where an embarrassed Carla confirms that the agreement is off.

While Craig implores the demonstrators to disperse, Griff rallies the throng as the police show up at the protest site.

Spider watches in horror as Griff pulls out a bottle and hurls it, striking Craig in the head as Carla and Nadeem come out.

Griff is taken into custody as a scared Toyah is sucked into the melee of the demonstration.

Is Craig going to be okay? After the scenes, what will happen to Spider and Toyah?

Next week, a shocking medical emergency occurs on the streets of Coronation Street as Weatherfield County footballer James Bailey has a heart attack.

On the soap, the football player had a successful sporting career that was supported by his family and friends on the streets.

ITV rumors, however, indicate that when Johnny has a heart attack on Coronation Street the following week, his entire life comes tumbling down.

Jenny Connor calls James (Nathan Graham) forward and begs him to coach the pub’s charity football team since she is aware that the Flying Horse are seeking retribution.

The professional football player gladly embraces and challenges the Rovers squad.

Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine), who storms out believing his recurring problem has been revealed, is compelled to step in as the Rovers’ charity football game begins, forcing professional player James to intervene.

Later, the game begins while Tim unwinds with a quick beer at Aggie Bailey’s (Lorna Laidlaw) residence.

When the Flying Horse seize the lead with few minutes left, the nurse’s kid is already on the field. James succeeds in putting the Rovers ahead before abruptly collapsing.

James’ older brother Michael (Ryan Russell) administers CPR as Ed hastily calls an ambulance as he dashes across the soccer field.

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