Corrie Ryan’s prison exit teased as he awaits sentencing over insurance scam

Ryan Connor, played by Ryan Prescott, is a fan favorite from Coronation Street.

Following a staged break-in at the Bistro, Michelle Connor’s son is prosecuted and told to appear in magistrates’ court in upcoming episodes.

Craig Tinker, a weatherfield police officer, (Colson Smith), affirms that the CCTV footage is strong evidence against him.

Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney), who refuses to participate, is told by Ryan that they should fabricate CCTV footage of a masked gunman compelling him to rob the café.

When Ryan tries to repair the Bistro camera by himself, Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) discovers him and advises him to accept his penalty.

Ryan is awaiting sentencing as the district judge accepts his guilty plea.

Recently, Debbie gave Ryan instructions to arrange a robbery so she could use the insurance claim.

Debbie was informed by Ryan that he intended to blow a fuse and take the money out of the safe.

Later, the Bistro was completely dark, and Debbie grudgingly assisted Ryan with his hazy idea.

Ryan tucked the money in his gym bag as people from the Bistro poured into the Rovers, but Jane Danson’s character Leanne Battersby appeared.

Ryan tried to hide, but Leanne turned on the lights as she did so.

Ryan emerged from hiding holding his bag of looted money and pretended to Leanne that he had just arrived.

In order to inform the patrons that Casino Night is back on, Leanne returned to the Rovers.

Debbie was reassured by Ryan that the money was hidden in his bedroom.

But when Leanne discovered all the money was gone, she was shocked, and Debbie told Ryan to call the police.

Will Ryan ultimately depart Weatherfield as a result of the insurance fraud?

Since 2007, Ryan has lived on Coronation Street.

Since being expelled from No. 6 by Alya Nazir for cheating on her with Daisy Midgeley, he has been residing in the Rovers.

Ryan has been struggling to make ends meet while juggling DJ gigs and working as a bartender. In a last-ditch effort to obtain money, Ryan decided to arrange the robbery.

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