Corrie newcomer mistakenly adopts seagull called Steven – now it won’t leave her alone

Jodie Prenger, a newbie to Coronation Street, has taken in a seagull as a lodger, and it has refused to leave her “nest.”

The larger-than-life Glenda, an animal lover, felt bad for the bird because she thought it was hurt.

43-year-old Jodie stated: “Recently, I was going home and it was on the road, so I picked it up. It appears to be fine but is hesitant to move.

It is enjoying a healthy diet and spending time in the ducks’ paddling pool.

“Simon and I have given him the name Steven Seagull.”

Since of her large collection of pets, Jodie, who rose to stardom on the BBC talent competition I’d Do Anything in 2008, claimed she prefers working on a soap opera because it keeps her closer to home than touring with a theater production.

“I have three rescue cows, three rescue ducks, about 17 mostly rescued chickens, three dogs, three cats, and now I have a seagull,” she said.

“Me, Simon, enjoys spending time with my animals and being at home. I love taking care of rescued animals.

If anyone knows of a one-eyed goat or three-legged pig, please let me know. Just want to mention that Simon shares my love of animals.

When I’m out there with them, neither my hair nor my false eyelashes are volumized. No fancy attire or heels. Since I’m wearing wellies, I actually feel wild. I adore it.

As George Shuttleworth’s spunky sister Glenda, a bartender in the Rovers Return, Jodie first appeared on the cobblestones last week.

She claimed that when she was offered the part, she sobbed because it had been her “dream” to work on Coronation Street.

Sorry if I sound like a competition winner, but Corrie has been on my bucket list for years, Jodie jokingly said.

I’m totally in awe. I was on the Rovers set. When I first saw Ken Barlow—or rather, the actor who portrays him, Bill Roache—I almost curtsied.

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