Corrie New Year spoilers: Nina tragedy, bomb fears and Teddy’s fate revealed

Next week, life-threatening twists and turns in Coronation Street will be broadcast as mishaps and startling schemes generate chaos.

Nina and her uncle Roy are involved in a terrifying river event, and there is a chance that they will drown.

Teddy was killed by a van in another scene, and the killer, Stephen, is hoping Teddy won’t recall their odd last discussion they had just before the disaster.

When Max Turner realizes Griff is probably doing something horrible, only weeks after he and his extreme gang made an explosive and unintentionally set it off, he worries for the safety of people on the street.

In connection with this storyline, Spider is attacked by Griff and must battle for his life because his covert mission may be discovered.

Spider dies as Griff takes revenge?

Spider is left for dead as a result of his attempt to overthrow the bigoted Griff in the new year.

He is now seeking to bring down radical Griff and his organization while trying to conceal the fact that he is an undercover police officer.

The truth, though, leaves him battling for his life, and it appears that he has been rumbled in subsequent scenes.

Griff ultimately puts a plan into motion to set him up after weeks of raising suspicion with his remarks to specific group members.

Spider runs into Griff, who uses a crowbar to knock him out cold before leaving him for dead.

Nina and Roy tragedy

On Coronation Street, a horrible New Year’s catastrophe is thought to have killed Roy Cropper and Nina Lucas.

When Roy goes to the woods, he unintentionally throws his thermos into the river. When Nina, Brian, and Asha finally get there to search for Roy, they discover his car and move in that direction to see if they can find him and what’s going on.

Nina rushes to the river bank to look for signs of him after they discover his thermos in the water and are shocked.

She stumbles as she approaches the river’s edge and hits her head. Asha and Brian are left in utter panic as she rolls into the river.

Nina’s limp body is pulled from the river by Brian, who then calls an ambulance. Where has Roy gone and will Nina be okay?

Teddy’s fate

As Teddy’s destiny is known, Stephen Reid’s bombardment of lies comes back to haunt him.

Evil Stephen killed Teddy’s son Leo Thompkins after realizing that the con artist was attempting to cheat his own mother Audrey. He shoved Leo off the roof during their altercation, causing him to fall to his death. He then hid the body and made sure his traces were hidden, trying to make it appear as though Leo had left for Canada.

Stephen, meanwhile, is extremely concerned since Teddy’s suspicions regarding Leo’s actual whereabouts have grown.

Teddy was hospitalized after a freak accident during the holidays, and Stephen is relieved in the following days when Jenny says Teddy’s condition has gotten worse and the hospital has been in touch.

As he tries to prevent them from getting in touch, Stephen reveals to Jenny that soon before Teddy’s accident, he told him he had seen Leo in Canada, who had made it very plain he didn’t want to be back in contact again.

But when Teddy begins to improve, he suffers a setback. Jenny and Stephen discover him to be still asleep when they go to visit him in the hospital, which of course pleases the murderer. Stephen freaks out as Teddy opens his eyes. What, however, has Teddy to say?

Mike and Esther exposed

In January, a startling revelation regarding newcomers Mike and Esther will feature on Coronation Street.

Summer Spellman, a teenager who has decided to live with them as their surrogate, makes a startling discovery at their home in the beginning of 2023.

When some unexpected guests show up at the house, unraveling Mike and Esther’s lies, Summer is left demanding explanations.

Summer goes to the couple’s home, but when she opens the door to the bailiffs when Mike and Esther are away, she becomes terrified.

She appears to have no idea who they are or that Esther and Mike are having financial problems since soon after, the bailiffs start removing items from the property.

When Summer explains what has happened and shows them the letter as Mike and Esther arrive home, they are in disbelief.

But Summer insists they explain what is happening and whether they are in jeopardy because she wants to know the truth.

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