Corrie Lauren identity ‘revealed’ – Max incest twist, Kelly link and Bethany connection

Since her arrival in Weatherfield in November of last year, Coronation Street’s Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) has caused mayhem.

Her father Reece Bolton encouraged the ex-girlfriend of Max Turner (Paddy Beaver) to join Griff Reynolds’ far-right extremist organisation.

Before Griff was given a prison term, she and Max left the organization.

After her father was sentenced to 18 years in prison, Lauren was hired by Roy’s Rolls.

Daily Star, however, has looked at various fan ideas concerning her “true identity” as her jealousy toward Max’s new romance with Sabrina Adetiba (Luana Santos) takes a sinister turn.

Some Corrie fans believe Lauren is linked to the perverted abuser Nathan Curtis (Christopher Harper), who was imprisoned for grooming Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon), and who is said to be connected to Lauren.

So, I’m watching Corrie, one Reddit member hypothesized. And I recently watched a sequence that was the most uncomfortable I’ve seen in a while when Lauren believed Roy [Cropper] was being kind to get his leg over.

Is the plot moving in the direction I expect it to? Where her father, Griff, the other guys, or both abused/groomed her? girl, what a wretch.

A fan retorted, “Some people have hypothesized that she’s one of the females Nathan assaulted, which kind of makes sense with Bethany coming back. But for her to speak that way, she has undoubtedly suffered some sort of abuse.

“Aw, it was heartbreaking,” said another. However, it might make sense to be a victim of Nathan’s.

‘Secret Sister’ of Kelly Neelan

Additionally, there have been some theories that Lauren could be Kelly Neelan’s (Milly Gibson), former fan favorite Kelly Neelan’s, hidden sister.

Some viewers speculated on social media that she might be connected to the deceased figure after contacts with the far-right group.

Lauren is undoubtedly Rick Neelan’s secret lovechild, wrote one observer on X, now known as Twitter. she’s going have a link to someone on the cobbles!”

A different person continued, “Well, everybody knows that all white, blonde, young women look the same. Yet LAUREN. LAUREN is the name of that person. She doesn’t even somewhat resemble Kelly. She is not in the least bit like Kelly. LAUREN.”

While another person remarked, “Who is this Kelly 2.0?”

‘Incest twist’ Max Turner

If Lauren is related to love interest Max, Corrie viewers have also been guessing.

Some speculate that the villainous Callum Logan (Sean Ward) may be both her real father and his half-sibling.

One devoted viewer previously wrote on social media: “I think Lauren is probably Callum’s daughter.”

Immediately after, someone else said, “This is such a nice theory. However, it would imply that she and Max are quite suspect as a couple.

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