Corrie Imran mum’s star’s life – ageless appearance, ITV soap roles and EastEnders fame

As Imran Habeeb’s mother Saira returns to the cobblestones in future Coronation Street scenes, Toyah Battersby is struck in shock.

After the horrific automobile accident, the Weatherfield residents agree to get together to talk about scattering Imran’s ashes, but Saira confesses she has already buried them.

Toyah is startled when Saira suggests that she played a part in Imran’s death after she has just admitted to her that she is aware of her relationship with Spider Nugent.

Will Saira accept that Toyah was uninvolved in Imran’s passing? The waiting game will begin for viewers.

Kim Vithana has gained popularity among Coronation Street viewers when she made her debut as Saira Habeeb in 2016. However, did you know that she also played a part in a competing soap opera?

famous from EastEnders

Despite frequently appearing in Coronation Street since 2016, Kim Vithana played a significant role in a competing serial opera.

The actress played Dr. Margaret Badini in 12 episodes of the well-known BBC serial EastEnders in 2015 before making her debut as Saira Habeeb on Coronation Street more than a year later.

That’s not all either—after making her television debut in Family Pride in 1991, Kim has been a regular face on our TV screens for more than three decades.

With appearances in Always And Everyone, Silent Witness, Casualty, Holby City, and most recently, the popular Netflix series The Stranger, the star’s career has only gone higher since then.

Although Kim Vithana has become one of our TV screens’ most recognizable faces over the years, little is known about her personal life.

It is unknown if the celebrity is single or in a relationship because she appears to keep her private life private.

forgotten jobs in Corrie

Kim has had a lot of roles in Coronation Street since 1997, yet soap opera viewers may only recognize her as Imran Habeeb’s mother Saira.

She originally appeared on the cobbles as Frances “Frankie” Stillman, a solicitor who collaborated with Weatherfield legend Mike Baldwin and assisted him in a series of shady enterprises.

Over nine years later, in 2006, Kim made a comeback to Coronation Street in which she portrayed Doctor Bannerjee, a psychiatrist at Weatherfield General Hospital.

The actress returned to Coronation Street in 2009 to play another doctor who assisted Simon Barlow after suffering burn injuries in a fire, so it wasn’t too long before she made another cameo.

youthful appearance

Kim has been in several episodes of Corrie, but fans still refer to her as Saira Habeeb; after learning the actress’ genuine age, fans took to social media.

The 53-year-old actress was praised by fans when they remarked on her ageless beauty, with many suggesting that she appeared too young to play his mother.

One supporter stated: “Sorry, but how old is the mother of Imran? She’s too young to be his mother, said one person, who added: “Wow, Imran’s mother gave birth to him when she was only 10?”

“Imran’s mother appears way too young,” said a third.

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