You are currently viewing Corrie: Imran Habeeb blackmailed by Sabeen to help get drug dealer Harvey Gaskell out of prison

Corrie: Imran Habeeb blackmailed by Sabeen to help get drug dealer Harvey Gaskell out of prison

Imran Habeeb of CORONATION Street is caught up in a blackmail scheme and is compelled to help drug dealer Harvey Gaskell get out of jail.

Ex-wife Sabeen begs him to assist her on a lucrative appeal case, and the lawyer becomes engaged in a sinister narrative.

They previously collaborated in the defense of Seb Franklin’s assailants.

When Imran, who is played by Charlie De Melo, reads Harvey’s name on the charge sheet, he refuses to sign it.

Harvey took his girlfriend’s nephew Simon Barlow into his dark drug operation, so personal prejudices are understandable – but Sabeen has other ideas.

She threatens to reveal what happened the night of Kelly Neelan’s verdict, in which they went out for a drink together and he stayed at his house for part of the night.

The guy of Toyah Battersby then feels compelled to accept the blackmail.

However, according to Coronation Street rumours, he will initially do a U-turn and stick to his guns, much to his ex wife’s amazement.


When Toyah smells a rat, his resolution crumbles in the face of the reality.

She asks Imran whether he is having an affair after hearing from Gary that he spotted him in a club on the night of the trial.

Toyah decides to investigate after he lies about being busy in the office the next day.

As a result, she visits Sabeen behind his back.

Imran eventually admits to spending part of the night at Sabeen’s, but swears that nothing bad transpired.

His ex-girlfriend believes him, but she knows he didn’t stay the entire night – so where was he for the rest of it?

As a result, her blackmail threat is strengthened, and she reminds Imran about Harvey’s situation.

Will he, however, give in to the threat and take up the case?

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