Corrie fans ‘work out’ truth behind Stephen’s return – and his secret plan for Audrey

Viewers of Coronation Street believe they know what Stephen Reid is up to, and it’s not good for Audrey Roberts, his mother.

In recent scenes, the character returned to the soap opera just in time to save his mother from a terrible accident.

After spending the entire night under a motorbike that fell on her in the barbershop, Audrey was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

After saving her and dialing 911, Stephen reprimanded his sister Gail and her family for failing to notice that she was missing.

Despite reuniting with Gail, Audrey has been excluding her loved ones more recently.

She believed her grandkids, particularly David Platt, were seeking her money after David attempted to obtain power of attorney, so she put her confidence in her son Stephen rather than them.

In her initial statement, Audrey informed them that she intended to donate her whole estate to the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders in honor of her late husband.

The family was incensed, and Audrey later confirmed there would be a catch to the money she would leave in her will for everyone.

She declared that her son Stephen would look after them and that she was setting up trust money for each of them.

However, Stephen’s actions and the likelihood that he now had access to all the money made viewers wary.

Many fans shared their theories on how Stephen was actually planning to steal the trust funds while seeming to be there for Audrey on Twitter.

Fans feel it’s only a matter of time before he reveals his genuine objectives because it’s obvious he is concealing something and because he has Audrey’s support in spades.

One observer asserted: “Stephen is certainly up to something; you don’t just turn up after all this time without a reason.”

Another remarked, “Stephen is going to steal all of Audrey’s money.”

“So Stephen is going to stick around and pilfer the trust funds,” another viewer commented. “Stephen is broke & in debt therefore he is trying to grab Audrey’s money,” a fourth person tweeted.

With one tweet stating, “And Stephen is going to run off with the trust monies isn’t he,” the comments continued flying. a third added: “I believe Stephen is pursuing Audrey’s money.”

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