Corrie fans ‘work out’ Stephen’s sinister plan as they predict horror twist for Audrey

Fans of Coronation Street think Stephen has come back to take his mother’s money.

Last month, Stephen Reid finally returned to the ITV soap, and it was just in time to prevent Audrey from suffering a terrible accident after spending the night trapped under a motorcycle.

However, the public is skeptical of Stephen’s intentions and believes he is only there to serve one purpose.

One user who posted their theories on Reddit asserted that Stephen returned because he was “trying to get Audrey’s money.”

One more concurred, saying: “Families who have money tend to be dysfunctional. especially when a death occurs. If they believe they would gain financially, they all emerge from hiding.”

One Twitter user speculated further about Stephen’s hidden agendas and stated: “Stephen is going to return. Alternatively, he might not be, in which case Audrey’s money would be lost.”

Another person predicted that scam artist Stephen would take advantage of Audrey.

Another joked, “I guess Stephen is trying to rinse Audrey #Corrie.”

Poor Audrey ended up in the hospital during tonight’s show (July 22) after “deliberately” overdosing on sleeping drugs.

Although the real cause of Audrey’s overdose has not yet been disclosed, one fan theorized that Stephen’s plot might already be in motion and that Audrey is already feeling the effects of it.

They speculated, “I wonder if Audrey realizes Steohen has betrayed her and her money is gone or something #corrie.”

The Platt family noticed Audrey’s change in behavior throughout the episode, noting that she appeared quieter and wasn’t eating as much.

They persisted in celebrating her birthday, though, before finally admitting that they had leased the salon back for her.

Audrey appeared to make an excuse to go quickly while barely responding to the situation.

Gail revealed later in the episode that she searched for her mother but was unable to locate her despite making several attempts to contact her.

After making one more attempt to reach Audrey, she finally picked up the phone and pretended to be at home. However, it soon became clear that she was actually phoning from a hospital bed.

The physician informed Audrey that he would be more content if she “talked to someone” and that he wanted to “get her next of kin aware of the issue.”

Although Audrey insisted it was only a “silly accident,” the doctor insisted that her toxicology report “isn’t suggestive of an accident.”

The doctor stated that Audrey had taken an excessive amount of sleeping drugs, adding that the quantity “indicates something more purposeful.”

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