Corrie fans ‘work out’ Stephen’s next victim as resident ‘framed’ for Rufus murder

Fans of Coronation Street think Michael might be implicated in Rufus’s death.

A mysterious visitor showed up at Rufus’ door earlier in the week, and the businessman was declared dead on-screen during the ITV soap opera’s episode on Friday (April 14).

Stephen Reid, a serial killer who has been at war with Rufus ever since he found out he was drugging Carla Connor, has come under suspicion.

When Michael returned to Rufus’ home, he discovered it to be overrun with police, and he was told what had happened.

Michael was shocked to learn that Rufus’ neighbor discovered him dead in the pool, believing he had drowned.

Craig approached Michael later in the show and inquired about when he last saw Rufus.

“Mr. Reid said you saw Rufus last night,” the policeman added. I’ll have to make a statement. You may have been the last person to see him alive, it turns out.

Michael broke down as he sat down with Craig and said that he had lied about seeing Rufus the night before.

I’m sorry,” Michael admitted. Last night, I didn’t see him. I had a job offer from Rufus, and I reasoned that if I declined it and told Stephen, I’d get back in his good graces and get my job back.

Later, many predicted that Stephen would either kill Michael or accuse him of killing Rufus.

“I cannot believe that Stephen is now accusing Michael Bailey of killing Rufus,” one admirer railed. Corrie, hurry up, what the heck.

Another viewer opined, “I suppose Stephen is either going to frame Michael for rufus murder or kill him off too.

A third predicted that Michael would wind up being falsely accused of killing Rufus.

Someone another chimed in, saying: “So Michael is going to do the math, figure out Stephen is a killer and become his own victim… #corrie.”

Stephen’s guilt as Rufus’ murderer was established at the episode’s conclusion.

Stephen shoved Rufus into his swimming pool and held his head under the water until he drowned after putting drugs in Rufus’ drink.

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