Corrie fans ‘work out’ Spider twist after necklace clue as Toyah confesses Imran crime

After guilty Toyah Battersby admitted to killing Imran Habeeb, fans of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street think they have figured out a twist that will soon occur.

Spider Nugent watched in horror as Toyah claimed that she had planned to kill her now-deceased husband Imran in grisly scenes earlier this year.

Police have accused Toyah of intentionally crashing the automobile she was operating as she dealt with the revelation that Imran had lied about his relationship with Abi and their custody dispute.

Baby Alfie was born as a result of Abi and Imran sharing a bed, giving rise to a protracted custody dispute during which Imran even presented false testimony to the judge.

Abi offered Toyah some time with Alfie prior to her court appearance in scenes on Wednesday night, but Toyah was overcome with emotion.

Days after viewers discovered Spider is an undercover detective, Leanne stepped in and overheard Toyah confessing to Spider that she lied to the police in later scenes.

She revealed to him that she had deliberately crashed the vehicle with the intent of killing Imran, leaving both of them in shock and fueling speculation among their supporters at home.

Fans of Coronation Street began to question a necklace Spider was seen wearing in the scenes because some thought it might have been a wiretap that captured Toyah’s confession.

“Is there a wire hidden in Spider’s s*** necklace?” asked one fan on Twitter. “What has Spider got around his neck?” another person questioned.

Another admirer wrote: “Spider wired – be bloody funny if he picked up Street Cars – “Pick up at Rovers Return”,” while another said: “I pray Spiders WIRED LOL LOL PLEASE if there is GOD.”

This comes after Toyah’s actress Georgia Taylor hinted that the couple’s relationship wouldn’t work out when he learned of her murderous confession in the episodes that will run the following week.

Georgia said: “She didn’t get in the car intending to kill him or damage him.” Imran, who had an affair with Toyah and fathered a child with Abi Franklin, was the subject of the incident.

When Georgia was asked how Spider reacted to her shocking revelation, she said: “He’s basically like ‘I can’t hear this. He runs away, and after that, he completely disappears.

“Toyah doesn’t know if Spider has informed the police or where he is when she appears in court.”

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