Corrie fans will recognise Leo’s dad Teddy star Grant Burgin from past ITV soap role

Crowning liturgy Road fans will see Leo Thompkins dropping out with his father Teddy Thompkins one week from now after he cautions him to be mindful of his sweetheart Jenny Connor.

The pair are set to quarrel about Leo’s obligation to Jenny with Teddy giving him a distinct admonition over committing his life to a lady two times his age.

Teddy will likewise voice his interests that Jenny can’t be believed after she was gotten out for her new kiss with Stephen as he attempted to safeguard his child’s wellbeing.

Watchers obviously first saw Jenny and Teddy together back in January when she raced to A&E in the wake of being informed Leo had been harmed while playing rugby.

At the point when she showed up at the clinic she saw old fashioned companion Teddy there and the pair started making up for lost time ignorant that they were both hanging tight for Leo.

At the time Teddy even admitted to Jenny that he had eyes only for her at school and asked her out for a beverage broadcasting that he wasn’t going to let her go once more – similarly as Leo rose up out of the treatment room and they understood they were both sitting tight for him.

Extremely observant Corrie fans might have perceived Teddy entertainer Award Burgin – as this really isn’t his most memorable job in the cleanser.

He initially showed up in Weatherfield back in 2017 playing a structure website foreman who became entangled in a sexism column when one of his laborers, Zack, whistled Rosie Webster.

The episode prompted her mum Sally Metcalfe organizing a dissent and when Rita Leather treater fastened herself to certain railings he had to concede rout and caution Zack that he might need to sack him for his activities.

Somewhere else in his vocation Award has showed up in a line of large name shows including The Bill and Specialists where he has played various characters.

Award likewise featured in rival cleanser EastEnders somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2015 where he played P.C Arnold.

The entertainer has additionally featured in numerous other television creations including Murphy’s Regulation, Quiet Observer, The Unloading Ground, Holby City, Honorable man Jack and Loss, and in motion pictures including 2007 film industry hit Stardust.

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