Corrie fans urge soap to ‘recast’ Jack Webster as viewers gobsmacked by his age

This week, Coronation Street viewers learned the true age of the character Jack Webster, which astounded them.

It hasn’t been easy for Kyran Bowes’ character Jack lately in Weatherfield, and it was just just discovered that he is being bullied.

After learning that he was the product of an affair that Kevin Webster had when he was married to Sally Metcalfe with Tyrone Dobbs’ late partner Molly, the schoolboy is being teased by other kids for having “two dads” because of this.

When Molly tragically died on the cobblestones in 2010, Tyrone thought Jack was his biological child because Molly gave birth to him.

However, Molly told Sally the truth about Kevin being Jack’s biological father as she lay dying and in her last moments.

In June, Jack overheard a conversation between Kevin and his sister Debbie and realized he was the result of an affair.

This week, Jack told his father that Nathan had been making fun of him after learning that Tyrone had mistaken Tyrone for his father.

Kevin and Jack got into a fight on Wednesday’s episode, and Kevin was horrified to hear his son state that he wasn’t looking forward to seeing Kevin’s wife Abi again.

However, the fact that it was Jack’s final day of school diverted attention away from Coronation Street viewers.

One user tweeted, “Hang on Jack is meant to be ELEVEN!?! #corrie #coronationstreet,” among other things.

One more tweeted: “Jack must commute by foot to school? Day of primary school? That makes the guy between the ages of 10 and 11, but he appears and sounds about 19.”

Love how in #Corrie they keep highlighting how Jack is like 11 years old yet the young actor playing him is obviously around 15 years old, commented a third user.

“Did I just hear right Jack Webster is just 11 @itvcorrie I’m sure he’s approximately 14 #corrie,” a fourth viewer chimed in.

Another person asked why Jack, who appears to be around 15, was in a class of 8- and 9-year-olds in Corrie. Ridiculous. He needs to be recast, I’m sorry. Why is he studying with students half his age?

Is Jack supposed to be the same age as the rest of those schoolchildren, someone else laughed. He has the appearance of their teacher! Coronation Street, #Corrie

JACK IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN PRIMARY SCHOOL??????? #corrie, another person commented.

In actual life, actor Kyran is 15 years old, but Jack was born in September 2010, making him 11 at the time.

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