Corrie fans stunned by ‘obvious’ error as Phill finally finds out about Tyrone and Fiz

As Phill learned about Fiz and Tyrone, Coronation Street viewers were shocked to see a “blatant error.”

Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) was supposed to marry Phill Whittaker (Jamie McKenna), but she walked out on them on their wedding day and retreated back into Tyrone Dobbs’ arms (Alan Halsall).

While Phill still tries to save their romance, they have been dating behind his back. On Friday night’s episode, he eventually learned the truth after peeking in on their couple’s therapy session.

Phill consented to the annulment, but he has since learned from Hope that Fiz fled to Tyrone as soon as the ceremony was over.

However, some viewers were upset with how Phill learned the information because they didn’t think it was possible in “real life.”

One perplexed supporter expressed their confusion on social media, writing on Twitter: “Yeah, as if they would have allowed reception to be unstaffed so that anyone could walk in on that counseling session.

However, wouldn’t there have been a sign on the door indicating that a private meeting was occurring? #Corrie.”

And Phil just walks in on a private therapy session without looking, without saying sorry! Never again should I go to therapy, please.

Looks so unprofessional,” one person commented, while another added: “In the middle of counselling and says come in what happened to confidentially, come on writers do your job and bring this to an end, it’s so predictable now. #Corrie.”

A fourth penned: “Dear @itvcorrie. When her clients are there, a therapist wouldn’t say, “Come in.” This Phil narrative is absurd.

Love the actor though,” and another added: “Surely Phlill wouldn’t be able to just walk in on patients chats over a forgotten phone,” with a fifth writing: “

Another admirer blasted the mistake on Twitter, writing, “As if a counsellor would allow someone to enter the room when she is in the middle of a therapy session #Corrie.”

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