Corrie fans stunned as Emmerdale star shows off glam makeover during debut

On Monday night, a new soap actress made her debut, providing viewers of Coronation Street with a familiar face on the cobblestones.

When his ex-wife Camilla unexpectedly appeared on the street, Phill Whittaker was taken aback. His fiancée Fiz Brown was also unimpressed.

She quickly established their prior interactions before revealing she had purchased a present for Phill in advance of his wedding.

But as soon as they realized where they had previously seen Camilla, the actress from another prominent part, viewers were diverted.

Louise Marwood, who is playing the gorgeous Camilla, is experienced with soap operas.

She is well-known to viewers of the ITV serial opera Emmerdale, where she played Chrissie White from 2014 until 2017.

They might have to perform a double take, though, as she appears entirely different from her prior character in her most recent role.

Robert Sugden’s wife, Chrissie, was shocked to learn that her husband had been having an extramarital affair with Aaron Dingle.

On the soap opera, she was at the center of several significant plotlines, including her son Lachlan White turning into a serial killer.

Louise had short brunette hair when she played Chrissie, which she frequently cut into a Bob with a small fringe.

However, Camilla has a radically distinct look, sporting long, curled bangs and a dark red color for her hair.

Chrissie White looks good after coming back from the dead, said one fan after seeing the cameo.

It’s Chrissie White from Emmerdale, someone other exclaimed, and a third person chimed up, “OMG, was it the famous Chrissie White?!”

The characters were actually written out of the soap as part of Lachlan’s scheme, and Chrissie was killed off alongside her father Lawrence White.

It was later discovered that he intentionally crashed the automobile to prevent them from removing him from the hamlet, killing them both in the process.

Before this, knowing he was innocent, Chrissie set up her cheating lover Andy Sugden for attempted murder, which caused him to flee.

The question of whether her time on Corrie will be as dramatic as her time in the hamlet will undoubtedly be on the minds of viewers.

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