Corrie fans ‘sick to their stomachs’ as ‘vile’ Stephen sets next scheme in motion

When Stephen set his sights on Jenny on Friday’s (September 2) episode of the ITV soap opera, viewers of Coronation Street were left feeling apprehensive.

The businessman’s financial troubles have been developing since he returned to the cobbles in June, and it is obvious that he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Stephen attempted to con Sarah into giving him investment money at the beginning of tonight’s episode, but when she declined, he moved his focus to Jenny, who had just experienced a breakup, after learning that she was the pub’s owner.

I remember one of the men stating that the sexy one who works behind the bar at The Rovers is called Daisy,” Stephen said as he proceeded to the bar and addressed Jenny.

Long before they began to kiss, Jenny was blissfully unaware of Stephen’s actual motives.

Viewers who witnessed the couple having an intimate moment posted on social media about how ill to their stomachs it made them feel.

Someone said, “No Jenny, no!!!!!!

After seeing her kissing the slimy Stephen, I feel horrible! disgusting behavior “#corrie Stephen is a disgusting creep,” another wrote.

“I wish I was watching this on record,” a third person said, “since I could have skipped that dreadful scene with Jenny and slimy Stephen #Corrie.”

Another person echoed: “I anticipate becoming sick. A fifth tweeted: “Stephen and Jennie. Jenny and Steven are going to get it on aren’t they #corrie. Has ITV previously issued a “scenes you may find upsetting” warning? #Corrie.”

Recently, there have been many theories about Stephen as he schemes to take Audrey’s money.

However, as his wife, Gabrielle, approaches from the street, the conman might be about to be revealed in subsequent scenes.

She threatens to call the police until he gives her the £200,000 that he stole from her business.

Without any other choice, Stephen unlocks No. 8 and practices his mother’s signature before bringing out the trust money documents.

Has Audrey, who emerges out of nowhere, caught Stephen in the act?

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