Corrie fans shocked after discovering age gap between Audrey and Gail actors

Fans of the ITV show have been left stunned by the age difference between the on-screen mother and daughter.

Fans of the program Corrie are only now becoming aware of the age difference between actors Sue Nichols and Helen Worth, who play Audrey and Gail, respectively.

In reality, the mother and daughter characters in the ITV series only have a seven-year age gap.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to express their dismay over the news that Sue is 78 and Helen is 71.

“Just checked, in actual life Audrey is 78 and Gail is 71,” one commenter commented.

They both look beautiful, another person said, and they both look great for their ages, according to a third.

Since their addition to Corrie in the 1970s, the actresses have played incredibly well-liked roles.

The soap opera has made Audrey’s drinking a central plot point; in recent episodes, she was hospitalized after taking a bad fall while intoxicated.

Gail suggested Audrey celebrate her recovery in the Rovers bar after she left her worried about her.

Later that week, Audrey held a family gathering to inform her kids that she was revising her will to dedicate all of her assets to WARTS, the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders, as a tribute to Alfie.

She doesn’t have a good start, either, as Beth makes crude remarks and her boyfriend Aaron reveals that he was pounced on while walking home and displays his bruises.

As Becky, the hospital’s psychiatry liaison officer, visits Audrey and gently questions her about why she took so many sleeping medications, there are health concerns for Audrey.

Audrey is happy to receive a call from her son Stephen notifying her that he has returned as she leaves the hospital. When Ed reveals that he met Audrey at the hospital in The Rovers, Sarah, the granddaughter, becomes worried.

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