Corrie fans ‘rumble’ Tyrone’s biological dad after ‘cryptic clue’ amid Cassie twist

After a “cryptic clue” on Friday’s show, Coronation Street viewers believe they have “rumbled” Tyrone Dobbs’ biological father. Viewers of the soap opera will recall that Tyrone’s world was recently turned upside down when Cassandra “Cassie” Plummer disclosed that she was his mother while asserting that she didn’t know who his father was.

In the episode airing on Friday, Tyrone made the decision to reconnect with his estranged mother and sent kids Hope and Ruby to be with Fiz in Norfolk. Cassie arrived at the door to say her farewell as Tyrone put the girls in a car outside with Kevin Webster.

Cassie, on the other hand, astounded Kevin, who exclaimed, “Is that your mother?” to which Tyrone responded, “Yeah.” Fans remarked that Kevin seemed to have witnessed a flash from his past as he continued to stare at Cassie.

One user commented on Twitter that Kevin “looked like he knew Cassie, Tyrone’s dad? With startled emojis, one user wrote: “Kevin is Tyrone’s dad #Corrie,” while another follower questioned: “Is Kevin Tyrone’s dad? #corrie,” a different follower wrote: “Kevin nearly seemed to stare at Cassie for a long moment. Could it be that he’s Ty’s father? A DNA test is coming up soon? Another viewer of the drama commented: “Kevin thought Tyrone’s mother looked familiar. #kevinwebster #cassieplummer #tyronedobbs.” Is he Tyrone’s father? #Corrie.”

Future scenes show Cassie meeting up with her heroin dealer Dean, who becomes hostile because she owes him money, even though she has told Tyrone she is going to the Citizens Advice Bureau to start looking for a place to stay. Michael later insists on taking Cassie to the hospital after witnessing her collapse to the ground in agony.

When Ronnie pursues them and gets to A&E, he witnesses Michael and Dean having a disagreement. Ronnie believes they should contact the police after Dean punches Michael, but Cassie encourages them not to.

Ronnie is startled to learn from Michael that Aggie experiences this type of situation frequently; he then uses this information to persuade Ed to support the agreement so that Aggie can retire. Will Ed concur?

Later on in the week, Tyrone meets Kevin and Abi and tells Cassie that Abi is also a recovering drug addict, which infuriates Cassie. However, if Cassie and Kevin do have a past, might this be the underlying cause of her ire?

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