Corrie fans ‘rumble’ Spider’s secret: Elsie’s dad, secret wife and Daisy kidnap plot

Fans of Coronation Street have dispersed. After his return to Weatherfield and into the life of his ex-girlfriend Toyah Habeeb following the tragic death of Imraan, Spider Nugent is up to something on the cobbles.

Fans of the ITV soap opera saw their suspicions soar after Spider was detained during an environmental protest and later freed with a warning.

After that, Spider and Toyah went back to her apartment, where things escalated and the two ex-lovers had a kiss. However, Toyah intervened to prevent things from going any further.

Spider picked up his phone outside on the cobblestones and answered what turned out to be a very questionable call, telling the caller that he was swamped with work but couldn’t wait to get back.

Even while that doesn’t reveal much, many have cited it as proof of Spider’s covert family life, especially in light of the way he was so fast to reject Beth’s inquiry about whether he was a parent.

Spider might have been lying about having a wife and kids while on the phone with them because Toyah would probably fire him if she found out.

There is more to it, the actor Martin Hancock previously indicated of his comeback. And at this point, that’s all I have to say.

“I was astonished to learn what is coming up, and it’s going to be a corker. I mistook my return for a trip to open a mung bean store!

What would Spider be concealing then? Fans of Coronation Street have proposed a number of possibilities…

Unknown family

Fans of the soap opera have a few suspicions about what Spider is up to, and many believe Toyah will become pregnant after years of heartache over her infertility will be the next big storyline.

One supporter tweeted, “Calling it now, Spider is married and Toyah will be pregnant by him.”

One more person commented, “Spider will have a hippy wife and a few kids who will all show up as soon as Toyah claims she’s pregnant with his sprog #catfight #corrie.”

Another added, “So Spider is not so single #Corrie.”

Father of Elsie

Following the disclosure of Imraan’s affair, Elsie was taken from Toyah’s custody by social services, leaving her sad. However, Corrie viewers now believe the two may be reunited.

Given how little is known about Else’s upbringing on the soap opera and how her father is never addressed, ITV viewers have theorized that Spider is the girl’s biological father.

“How weird would it be if it turns out Elsie is [Spider’s] daughter lol, he gets back with Toyah and she fights for Elsie back,” one fan wrote on Facebook.

“Since they revealed Spider is going back to Corrie, I’m convinced he’s Elsie’s dad and that’s how Toyah gets her back,” another fan wrote on Twitter.

“Just been watching vintage Corrie,” another wrote, “he’s in hope he comes back that Toyah and him recreate what they had, even happily ever after and possibly a baby.”

scheme to kidnap Daisy

In a shocking turn of events, some viewers now believe that Spider is related to bartender Daisy and may even be complicit in the soap opera’s kidnapping scheme.

Many people think he might be Daisy’s biological father because he was Jenny Connor’s ex, although his identity has never been verified.

Since Spider and Jenny haven’t shared any scenes together since his return, the theory is speculative. Even worse, some fans have speculated that Daisy might be complicit in a vicious hostage-taking plot by a crazy Toyah and Spider.

A fan made the following statement on Facebook: “Spider is Daisy’s biological father, Jenny is actually her birth mother, and Toyah is planning to kidnap Daisy… maybe this could be a soap storyline!”

The current state of soap operas, another person said, “Nothing would surprise me.”

Violet’s partner

One soap theory holds that Violet Wilson, the mother of Dylan Tully’s father Sean Tully, could be the one who answered Spider’s enigmatic call.

During Sean and Laurence’s date last week, Violet came up as he admitted the two were simply friends when they had their baby.

According to rumors, Violet may be returning to Corrie in the coming weeks, and it has been suggested that she is actually Spider’s hidden spouse because the two may have gotten married while living in London.

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