Corrie fans left baffled by Lou blunder as killer Stephen meddles again

Fans of Coronation Street were perplexed by a Lou Donahue gaffe in Monday’s episode as murderer Stephen Reid took urgent attempts to conceal his most recent killing.

Viewers of the soap opera will recall that Stephen has been on a murderous rampage, having killed Rufus Donahue, Teddy Thompkins, and Leo Thompkins. He has also discreetly spiked Carla Connor and Elaine Metcalfe to terrorize them.

Lou Donahue, Rufus’ estranged wife, first developed suspicions about her husband’s death just lately after she came upon some potentially damning evidence.

Last week, Lou unintentionally revealed to Stephen a clear bag containing items belonging to Rufus that had been discovered next to the pool, along with Stephen’s tie pin.

Later, the widow announced that she would be visiting the police station to talk about the tie pin. Lou questioned whether her husband even owned the tie pin, pointing out that it said “love G x” on it. The tie pin may implicate Stephen since, as viewers will recall, he was married to Gabrielle Reid, his estranged wife.

On Monday, Stephen was successful in stealing Lou’s hotel keycard, gaining entry to her room, and obtaining the crucial information in his complicated scheme to obtain the tie pin. Although Jools, Lou’s son, nearly rumbled him.

As soon as Stephen left the hotel, he ran into Lou. Stephen made the decision to confuse Lou and implicate Peter Barlow by telling her that he had pawned Rufus’ watch after discovering it in a taxi. Later, he flushed the accusatory tie pin down the toilet.

However, viewers of the soap opera were quick to criticize Lou, asking why the character, who is suspicious of her husband’s death, didn’t notice that her keycard was stolen and that Stephen was conveniently outside since he knew her room number.

Reddit user “Wouldn’t Lou have noticed that clearly someone stole her hotel key?” wrote. Another account responded, “Hotel employee here.

Visitors frequently misplace their cards without giving it any thought. She should, however, find a suspicious Stephen loitering outside her room.

“My point is that the key was at Underworld sitting on a table when it vanished,” another viewer wrote. He shouldn’t have known which room she was in since, as you mention, the hotel wouldn’t have given him her room number.

The two things together are pretty suspect,” a sarcastic supporter commented. “Lost key card in Underworld, tie pin now missing, Stephen from Underworld suspiciously lingering outside hotel room.” Who could have stolen the tie pin, anyway? It’s an impossible crime to solve.

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