Corrie fans gobsmacked as they discover Dev Alahan’s link to newcomer Fern

Fans of Coronation Street are perplexed by a possible link between Dev Alahan and Fern, a newbie to the cobbles.

Earlier this year, Jane Hazelgrove, the actress who plays Bernie Winter, proposed a plot in which Fern and Bernie Winter’s lookalike fought for a blue coat.

The intriguing doppelgänger plotline was inspired by the fact that Fern star Gabrielle Glaister was sometimes mistaken for Jane in real life.

Following the rekindling of her romance with Dev, Bernie admits to Fern that she is willing to take on any other shady assignments she can be given, according to Corrie spoilers.

The Alahan patriarch who is cheating on Bernie may even get together with Fern and Dev, according to followers who have already discovered a hidden connection between them.

One Reddit user pointed out that actress Gabrielle had a different role on the cobbles before taking on Fern’s role, and that romance existed between her and Dev in that capacity.

Anyone anyone find it a little off-putting that Debs, Natalie’s sister, was played by the same actress as Fern, Bernie’s double, roughly 20 years ago?

How many clones is this woman supposed to have?

“Debs also dated Dev, if memory serves,” they said, “obviously he has a type.”

In 2000, Deborah “Debs” Brownlow spent a short time walking on the cobbles. Debs was a beautician who spent many years working on cruise ships before meeting up with her sister and igniting a brief romance with Dev.

Debs left Weatherfield for good while seeing Duggie Ferguson, ran off with her sister’s ex-boyfriend Vinny Sorrell, and went back to work.

Fans have already been busy speculating about what Fern might do next, such as taking Bernie’s place for shifts at the kebab restaurant.

Laughably writing on Twitter, one user suggested that Fern might pose as Bernie and work a shift at the kebab business. #Corrie.”

One more exclaimed, “Fern & Bern. Spin-off program!

An further supporter remarked, “I love the Bernie/Fern tale, but where is it going? Will it be similar to Bernie being involved with Stephen, learning about it, and having Fern kill her in the end? Or is it just a silly tale?

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