Corrie fans ‘expose’ huge DNA twist for Tyrone as he finds out Cassie is his mum

After learning that Cassie Plummer is Tyrone Dobbs’ longtime mother, Coronation Street viewers are worried that Tyrone Dobbs is in for even more stunning family revelations.

Since Cassie (Claire Sweeney) has arrived, many Corrie fans appear to think that Tyrone (Alan Halsall) is set to discover that he has brothers and sisters.

When Cassie, a heroin addict in recovery, disclosed that she was Tyrone’s mother on Wednesday night (August 16), poor Tyrone felt utterly surprised and deceived.

Evelyn had already informed him that his mother was deceased, but Cassie was able to break the news to him just before Evelyn stormed into the room and made an effort to conceal it.

Fans speculate that this will be the case when Tyrone’s daughter Ruby mentioned that he might have brothers and sisters that he was unaware of.

One person said: “Ruby 2.0 dropped what could be a bombshell there. Tyrone may have brothers and sisters, which is likely the case.

One more person commented, “Actually Ruby is right in one sense – they will have a little brother or sister out there.”

Another questioned whether Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis), a newbie, would be his sister, writing: “I hope that “you could have brothers or sisters” line is a bit of foreshadowing that Courtney is Tyrone’s sister…”

One more said, “Knowing Tyrone’s luck, he’ll have a handsome, richer brother who will whisk Fiz off her feet.”

Before Hope inquired, Ruby questioned: “Does she know about us?” and “Does she have any other kids?”

Tyrone fessed up, “I don’t know. Before sending them out, I said, “I haven’t asked her yet.

You might have brothers and sisters, Ruby continued.

When Tyrone was a baby, Evelyn abandoned him in a police station because she didn’t think her daughter Cassie could care for him because of her drug addiction.

Tyrone now feels betrayed by both of them because they chose not to come forward because she truly believed Cassie was dead but only learned the truth around a year ago.

At the end of the episode, a distraught Tyrone sent them both away and said to Evelyn, “You fed me a bunch of lies. With Fizz and the gals, I’m in better hands. Just leave.

However, speculations indicate he ultimately decides to give her a chance despite Abi Webster’s (Sally Carman) warnings in upcoming scenes.

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