Corrie fans cry ‘open your eyes’ after Claire Sweeney’s character’s talk with Tyrone

On tonight’s episode of Coronation Street, the turmoil surrounding Claire Sweeney’s character continued. Sweeney’s Cassie reappeared on the Cobbles and exposed herself to be Tyrone’s mother.

Cassie has been away from Tyrone’s life as a drug addict, and he thought she was dead until she reappeared last month. Evelyn had realized Cassie was alive but had kept her reappearance from Tyrone a secret.

Evelyn’s relationship with Tyrone has suffered as a result of the disclosure, and she has been forced out of the house. Tyrone finally sat down with Cassie on tonight’s show (August 18) to explain why she abandoned him.

Cassie was able to gain Tyrone’s trust. During the conversation, though, she managed to turn him even more against Evelyn. Evelyn even accused her of being responsible for her father’s death. Fans warned Tyrone to be aware of Cassie’s tricks.

Wini’s World (@Winis_World) posted on Twitter, “Emotional manipulation? Evelyn is now the villain? Tyrone, please open your eyes! #Corrie”

“Cassie blaming everyone but herself for her path,” Jay (@Pifflestuff) commented. Tyrone, beware! #Corrie (Taking off the Baseball cap could be a good place to start!)”

Pam (@pam_debeauvoir) issued Tyrone a stern warning. “Tyrone has a lot to learn about his newly returned mother…but he’ll learn the hard way #Corrie,” she said.

Claire made her ITV soap debut in June as newbie Cassandra Plummer. In April, her casting was disclosed.

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