Corrie fans convinced Summer will be ‘coerced’ into ‘impregnation’ amid hostage storyline

Fans of Coronation Street are certain that Summer Spellman’s new hostage plot will result in her being “coerced” into becoming pregnant.

Recently, viewers have watched how Harriet Bibbey’s character Summer became pregnant with her boyfriend Aaron’s child.

The young academic, who planned to attend Oxford University, consented to sell her newborn kid to Mike and Esther, a devout couple.

Sadly, Summer had a miscarriage, but she now seems determined to carry their child anyhow.

Billy, Summer’s adoptive father, found her in Mike and Esther’s home and informed them of the shocking surrogacy news when he visited them after not hearing from her for a few days.

Home viewers were persuaded by the moments when they aired on Friday night, December 30, that Summer’s surrogacy wouldn’t be easy.

One viewer tweeted using the hashtag “Corrie” and the following message: “And to think you were headed to Oxford, too, Summer! That baby bullshit will backfire horribly. It won’t be a turkey baster; rather, it will feel more like being forced to sleep with that disgusting Mike.”

Another wrote, “This spooky pair appear like they have Summer there trapped till she gives birth.”

One user commented on Reddit: “Still, I believe he will make an effort to get Summer pregnant “the old-fashioned way.” But ideally someone will save her before he can carry out the sinister crime.”

One person continued, “To me, Summer’s current circumstance feels a bit like’modern slavery’.”

Following fan speculation that the “scary couple” would have individuals “tied up” in their basement, this has happened.

After Thursday’s show aired, one wrote, “I bet Mike and Esther have folks locked up in the basement” (December 29).

Another person added: “My suspicions about Esther and Mike are rising. I have no faith in them at all.”

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