Corrie fans convinced Audrey set for downward spiral after latest hospital stint

After Audrey Roberts appeared to attempt suicide after exhibiting a pattern of concerning behavior, Coronation Street viewers are convinced that she is headed for a serious downward spiral.

Following a celebration for her birthday, Audrey was seen in the hospital by viewers of the most recent ITV soap opera.

When Gail later went to check on her mother and found that she wasn’t there, Audrey lied on the phone, saying that she was at home feeling exhausted when, in fact, she was in the hospital.

She was informed by a doctor that a psychiatric liaison officer would soon arrive to talk about what had happened.

When she was intoxicated, Audrey claimed she accidentally took a few too many sleeping pills.

But the doctor said that the toxicology report didn’t suggest an accident and that the number of sleeping pills she took indicated it was deliberate.

Fans are now concerned that she is headed on a dangerous path and is “very vulnerable.”

Poor Audrey is in a very vulnerable state right now. One viewer remarked, “This is only going to get worse.

I find it hard to think Audrey tried to end her life.

One person even asserted that her son Stephen had been tampering with her drink in an effort to inherit her riches.

Reckon Stephen is sneaking in and slipping sleeping pills into Audrey’s beverages, and she’s taking what she believes to be the recommended dose on top because he needs the money from her will and is going to do a bunk with it all.

Gail has grown concerned about Audrey’s drinking over the past year.

Audrey recently got into trouble while intoxicated at the barbershop.

She was crushed under the motorbike at the barbershop, and her son Stephen didn’t discover her until the following day.

Her family has been bickering about her money for the past two weeks.

When they began to argue about food and grandson David drove Stephen from Weatherfield, she became enraged.

When Audrey receives a call from Stephen informing her that he is returning, she is overjoyed as she leaves the hospital.

In the Rovers, meanwhile, Ed admits that he saw Audrey at the hospital, which causes Sarah to worry about her grandmother.

In the meantime, Kevin learns that Jack has been expelled from his school ceremony and is being called a “Spanner” for having two mechanic fathers.

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