Corrie fans call Debbie Webster Cameron Diaz’s twin as she debuts hair transformation

Following the start of Debbie Webster and Ryan Connor’s money-making scheme, Coronation Street viewers became sidetracked.

The Bistro has recently experienced financial difficulties, therefore in an effort to preserve their revenues, they have been holding themed parties there.

After deciding to work with Ryan, Debbie’s need for money, however, took a sinister turn.

Fans were more preoccupied by Debbie’s unique new hairstyle during a recent scene where Ryan attempted to rob money from the Bistro safe.

Fans questioned her odd decision on Twitter, asking: “What’s with Debbie’s ‘There’s Something About Mary’ hairstyle?”

“Debbie’s getting hair suggestions from Cameron [Diaz],” a harsh remark was made by another.

Others compared her to Elvis and Tin Tin and said that her hair had “quite ‘There’s Something About Mary’ vibes.”

After Ed Bailey experienced a shock while working in one of Webster’s hotels, Debbie and Ryan decided to commit an insurance scam. At the time of the scenario, this was happening.

Debbie recently requested the DJ to stage a break-in during a casino night so she could stealthily file an insurance claim to make a little extra cash.

Debbie was first courageous, but she quickly changed her mind and informed Ryan that the staged robbery was off the table.

Ryan, who was irate, revealed to Debbie that he intended to fuse the electricity in an effort to steal money from the Bistro’s safe.

Right on schedule, the power went out at the Bistro, forcing Debbie—who had initially refused—to assist Ryan in his wrongdoings.

Customers of the Bistro made the decision to seek sanctuary at the Rovers while Ryan stole the money from the establishment, but as Ryan was stuffing his gym bag with cash, a surprise guest showed up.

Ryan had to conceal from Leanne Battersby’s view while holding the bag of cash because she had gone back to the Bistro to check the lights and had been able to get the power going.

Debbie made the decision to send the customers back to the restaurant so they could finish their night there after Ryan afterwards insisted that the stolen things were secured securely in his bedroom.

Ryan had to call the police to report what he had done because his scheme was thwarted when Leanne realized where the money had disappeared.

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