Corrie fans baffled by age of Max’s ’30 year old’ bully in ‘creepy’ grooming storyline

As they questioned the age of one of Max Turner’s bullies, Coronation Street fans were left bewildered.

When Blake and Chris persisted in causing Max problems on the renowned cobbles on Monday night (October 31), Max found himself in a precarious predicament.

Max was upset when the two boys attacked him, leaving him with a bloody lip, as he attempted to protect himself against the two boys.

However, as the plot developed, several viewers began to wonder how old Blake, played by actor Adam Little, actually was.

Fans turned to Reddit to express their comments about the most recent episode.

One person commented on social media, “How old is the bigger bully, 30?,”

Another viewer asked on Twitter: “Anyone else perplexed by Max’s bully’s age??? Why is he so old?” at the same time.

Later in the program, after going through a terrible tragedy, Griff approached Max and offered to lend his moral support.

Griff even roughed up the bullies to show them who’s boss after seeing how unhappy Max was.

Later, Griff extended the teen an invitation to a gathering that would serve as the start of Max’s grooming and radicalization.

But after fans learned what would shortly happen to Max, many of them became dissatisfied with the plot.

This is turning into Hollyoaks, wrote one Reddit user. Max will undoubtedly trust Griff, the extreme right-wing climate change protester, and will likely adopt that viewpoint himself. I don’t get how Max used to be pro-immigrant but now suddenly despises them because of one failure.

The use of language and the political spectrum is inappropriate, and the resulting plot will be terrible.

Another person said: “This is just pitiful. Have the creators of this program never heard of good things happening to people instead than a never-ending flood of hate and violence? One issue follows another.

Another added: “This plot is so foreordained. He will exhort Max to emulate his own bigoted scumbag behavior.”

Another observer remarked, “David’s a bit relaxed about Max hanging with an old man,” at the same time.

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