Corrie fans are saying the same three words as they predict what will finally lead to Stephen’s downfall

It’s usually best to avoid causing trouble on Coronation Street if you want to avoid offending Carla Barlow, who is beloved by the audience. As Alison King, who plays Underworld boss Carla, is fiercely defended by Corrie viewers, they were extremely miffed by killer Stephen Reid’s most recent action in Wednesday night’s episode (Februry 15).

The fake businessman has been planning to defraud his own mother Audrey Roberts of her money ever since he arrived in Weatherfield last summer. He then killed his father and Leo Thompkins once they discovered his evil deeds.

Since she demoted him at the plant, sly Stephen has now turned his attention to Carla.

She explained that Stephen will serve as office manager while Sarah Barlow, his niece, is now in charge of design.

Stephen sneaked into the Underworld office with the vial of LSD he had stolen from customer Rufus Donahue’s briefcase, determined to get revenge on Carla. The hallucinogen was then placed into Carla’s coffee.

He was again at it later in the Night, adding another vial of alcohol to Carla’s red wine after she had already become inebriated. Carla’s husband Peter found her acting strangely when he called at the bar and took her home.

Peter was horrified that Carla’s previous illness was resurfacing as she continued to stare at the factory girls, her paranoia escalating.

She informed a worried Peter when she got home that she was seeing shapes. “Shapes I like the shapes very well. That person resembles Ken, “Having told him.

Now, many are hopeful that this is the start of Slippery Stephen’s demise. They made their appeals on Twitter. Is Carla going to be okay? they questioned on the official Coronation Street Twitter as they aired a clip from Carla’s drug drama. “She better be,” @carlasbarlow retorted, “or there’ll be trouble.” She better be, @kellycc x repeated.

The popular duo, in the opinion of soap opera viewers, should be the ones to bring Stephen to his knees. “Peter knows Satan Stephen is a wrongun. He’ll protect Carla at all costs,” said @Lauz 79.

“Already here for the payback these two will be taking on Stephen,” exclaimed @Alison King Fan with excitement. Having our Carla entangled in the absurd Stephen plot better be the start of the end for him, @cgre tweeted. And @TVMusings22 predicted: “Stephen will be destroyed by Carla and Peter!”

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