Corrie exit for Carla as fans ‘work out’ heartbreaking health diagnosis after crash horror

Fans of Coronation Street were alarmed for Carla Conner when the episode’s cobbles villain Stephen Reid poisoned her and she caused a bizarre accident.

The scenes were broadcast on Friday night, capping a tumultuous week that saw the factory boss turn into the killer’s latest victim after forewarning him not to cross her in any business issues.

Carla was perplexed in the most recent scenes when Stephen fiddled with her diary and crossed out a meeting that she was confident was scheduled.

Then, when they were in the factory, Stephen gave Carla a cup of tea that had been spiked with LSD. He then got Carla to put off their appointment with Dick Haversham, only for him to call later and ask where she was.

Carla, who had been drugged, left the factory in a huff to meet Dick, and Peter gave Paul a ride on his brand-new motorcycle.

Abi refused to give Carla her keys, so Carla called the garage to come get her car.

As Carla spotted the Underworld van and turned on the engine, the scenes came to a violent conclusion as the vehicle careered down the street.

The factory owner then struck Paul who was riding Peter’s bike, knocking him to the ground and causing him to writhe in pain.

Several ITV viewers at home were concerned that the scenes, which left Carla obviously heartbroken, may cause the character to relapse into madness.

She feels such a tremendous degree of guilt every time she hurts someone, one Twitter user commented (mainly because the whole street also turns on her).

“She might actually be so severely triggered by this LCD that she relapses. makes Stephen’s actions even more bloodthirsty

“Stephen is trying to screw with Carla’s psyche and make things worse by taking advantage of her psychosis,” a second echoing voice said.

Why do I have a terrible feeling they’ll drag out the Stephen convinces everyone Carla has psychosis tale until the May semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent?

Rufus passed out in the hotel room earlier in the week, leaving Stephen with a vial of LSD that he maliciously poisoned for Carla.

In an earlier interview, Todd Boyse, who plays Stephen, said: “Sarah brought [Carla’s insanity] up in the bar and it drops like a bombshell as far as he is concerned, and because of the way she has humiliated him, he knows that he can exploit it for his own gain.

“She tells him she is making him office manager when he returns from the hotel with the signature and the transaction secured. He had reached his breaking point at that point.

He needs to mobilize the 50 centers that own stock in the company and convince them that she is unfit for the position because he is aware of this.

It’s really clever, and because she has irritated him so much, he doesn’t really care what it will do to her.

“To begin with, the approach is only intended to plant the seed of skepticism among everyone. In order to make it appear as though she is having serious issues, he intends to do it gradually.

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