Corrie ‘exit’, EastEnders showdown and Emmerdale’s Marcus exposed – soap highlights

This week, as true colors are revealed and potentially game-changing stories begin, the soap operas are planning dramatic moments.

Two characters on Emmerdale might be revealed as their secrets come back to haunt them.

One of the characters is overheard having a disturbing phone conversation, while the other is exposed for dating a villager and her stepdaughter without feeling guilty.

In other episodes, Suki Panesar, who has been attacked, worries that she may have killed a guy.

Ryan Connor, who could be sentenced to prison because of Debbie Webster, might get a break from Coronation Street.

Here is a preview of this week’s soap operas.

Corrie exit for Ryan Connor?

Ryan faces prison this week, so his departure seems likely.

The unfortunate bartender, played by Ryan Prescott, had intended to improve his financial situation by working with Debbie Webster on an insurance scam.

He planned to stage a phony heist and use the payment Debbie would give him to fly back to Ibiza and purchase stock in a company.

He was ultimately apprehended, though, and is now facing a protracted prison term.

This week, Ryan receives a charge and a summons to appear in court the next day, and Craig affirms that the CCTV film serves as damning evidence against Ryan.

Debbie then rejects Ryan’s suggestion that they fabricate CCTV evidence of a masked gunman compelling him to loot the cafĂ©.

Ryan gets caught by Ronnie in the Bistro attempting to fix the camera by himself, and Ronnie tells him to accept his penalty.

Ronnie stands by Ryan’s side as he makes a guilty plea in the magistrates’ court on Wednesday.

The district judge has accepted his plea, and now he is awaiting sentencing.

Emmerdale characters exposed

This week on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, Manpreet Sharma is expected to discover something monumental after listening in on Marcus Dean.

Marcus unintentionally shares information about Naomi Walters, a newcomer and Ethan’s long-lost sister as well as Charles’ long-lost daughter.

According to ITV teasers, Marcus, Ethan’s lover, is overheard talking on the phone about the upcoming meeting between Ethan and Naomi when Manpreet is nearby.

Marcus is interrupted by Manpreet so that she can question him about what she just heard, but Charles also appears. Will Charles and Ethan become estranged as a result of Ethan’s efforts to connect with Naomi?

As Kit dates both Laurel and her stepdaughter Gabby in another scene, a different character also finds themselves in a sticky situation.

The date goes well, and they return to Home Farm only for Laurel to stroll in. This is because Gabby is absolutely oblivious that he is the same man that Laurel is seeing.

Later in the week, she walks in on the couple enjoying supper even though she hasn’t yet caught them in the deed.

EastEnders showdown

This week on EastEnders, Suki Panesar puts herself in peril after being involved in a violent altercation.

Since her children learned of her involvement in Jags’ death, the matriarch has found herself estranged from them.

Suki is in an untenable situation this week as Ranveer keeps extorting money from her. Later, an unaware Vinny shows there, and she keeps drifting more away from her family.

On Tuesday, Suki devises a scheme because Ranveer wants to get right to work. However, he is enraged when he learns what she has done.

Suki assures him that she will make amends for his refusal to leave. When Suki maintains her composure, a bloody altercation breaks out, and she calls Kheerat in a panic and begs for his assistance.

Ravi is searching for his father somewhere else when Eve, who had earlier seen Suki and Suki together, directs him to Suki.

Suki manages to overcome Ranveer’s strength, but she smacks him in the head. When Ravi finds Ranveer’s lifeless body and arrives on Wednesday, Suki’s stomach is in knots. Was he murdered by her?

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