Corrie drug horror, EastEnders return and Emmerdale revenge: Soap highlights this week

This upcoming week’s episodes of soap operas promise to deliver some fantastic sequences with lots of tension and potential spoilers.

Emmerdale, EastEnders, and Coronation Street all have significant events that could set up major plotlines, ranging from peril and deceit to a significant payoff.

Fans of EastEnders will be happy to see a former character return after seven years away from Walford, and they soon drop a huge bombshell.

An assassin planning to kill them is stalking his next victim over on Corrie. Two characters are soon in danger after finding themselves there.

Finally, a character on Emmerdale appears to be hiding something, which results in a horrifying finding.

Emmerdale revenge

This week, Cain exacts revenge on the ITV soap opera, and his brother Caleb is entangled in the commotion.

Since his son Kyle Winchester admitted to killing Al, Cain has been struggling and worried about how the hearing will go.

Cain is unable to speak to Kyle due to the bail regulations, and it is obvious that this is killing his heart. Amy is adamant about adhering to Kyle’s bail requirements so as not to jeopardize the rest of their legal proceedings.

However, this week’s events take an unexpected turn when Will and Lucas meet Kyle and Amy for a day at the park.

Will offers to watch over Kyle in the playground while Amy rushes out to sign some legal documents, but Cain spots them and wants to see Kyle.

Will and Cain’s conversation becomes contentious as Cain insists on adhering to Amy’s desires about the bail conditions. Amy returns later and is furious with Cain for going against her wishes and trying to see Kyle. Caleb shows up and calms the situation down, guiding Cain away from what might have been a problematic situation for everyone.

Later, when Will runs into Amy and apologizes to her for what happened, their exchange is cut short as the family’s new stud horse, Apollo, who had escaped, surges down the street.

They are unaware that Cain, acting out of retaliation against Will as a result of their argument, unlocked the gate to the horse stable.

Corrie drugging horror

This week on the ITV soap opera, Stephen Reid puts Carla Connor in peril as the walls close in around the character.

After killing Leo Thompkins and Leo’s father Teddy Thompkins so far, the villain has shown to be extremely dangerous.

After a string of encounters with the factory owner, Stephen appears to have decided on Carla as his next target.

Stephen is attempting to set up a significant contract behind Carla’s back for the new designs that Michael and Sarah have created as part of his strategy to seize control of Underworld.

Following the group’s discussion of the situation later in the week, Carla holds a meeting with Sarah and Stephen and informs them that Sarah has been promoted to Head of Design and Stephen has been appointed Office Manager.

Stephen sneaks into the Underworld office with a bottle of LSD and inserts the drug into Carla’s coffee in an effort to exact revenge on her.

Carla enters the manufacturing floor in later, terrifying sequences, clearly confused and disoriented.

In the Rovers, Stephen strikes once more by adding more LSD to Carla’s red wine.

Additionally, Stephen breaks into Carla’s office and jumbles up her files while erasing a meeting with Dick Haversham from her journal.

Fans will witness him keep drugging Carla and playing with her mind over the week, which will result in scenes when another Weatherfield resident is put in danger.

EastEnders return for Ryan

This week, Ryan Malloy makes his first appearance on EastEnders since he last appeared on the BBC soap opera seven years ago.

The brother of Whitney Dean travels to Walford after learning that his 12-year-old daughter Lily is expecting a child.

Chaos ensues as all hell breaks free, and as Ryan returns to Albert Square and drops a huge bombshell on everyone, everything comes to a screeching halt.

A bashful Lily arrives to meet her dad as a horrified Stacey hears him out in the café and tells him she doesn’t want him there.

Lily spends time with Ryan, who subsequently offers to assist them financially as a result of recent financial difficulties.

To Stacey’s chagrin, Ryan goes to the hospital later in the week to support Lily for her first pregnancy scan.

But before the scan, he surprises everyone by revealing something shocking.

After a fight breaks out, Stacey and Ryan are forced to leave the room, and Lily is angry with Stacey for how she treated Ryan.

Will Lily continue to get to know her biological father after Stacey reminds her that Martin is her father and the one who has always stood up for her?

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