Corrie autumn spoilers: Stephen ‘exposed’, iconic character ‘murdered’ and Ryan spirals

There are massive exits, potential deaths, and significant changes on the ITV serial Coronation Street, so it appears like some dramatic scenes are in the works.

Explosive scenes in autumn could reveal one affair, and a villain who went away in the previous season might show up again. One killer seemed to be on the verge of receiving his just desserts, but might he still claim one more victim? Ryan Connor’s ongoing struggles will result in two significant stories for the character.

Although it hasn’t been stated, Peter Barlow might also be leaving the program. The ITV soap opera’s potential fall plots are listed below.

Killer Stephen exposed?

According to rumors, Stephen Reid appears to be leaving the ITV serial opera. He appears to be running to an airport and attempting to leave the country in photos taken on location filming. It happens after one of his victims’ body is discovered.

The ITV soap hasn’t officially announced Stephen’s departure, and there aren’t any specifics available about what might have caused it. But this might be the day when the serial killer is finally made public.

Ryan spirals

With two significant stories for the character in the upcoming weeks, Ryan Connor’s downward spiral will continue.

Months after being attacked with acid, he is still fighting a steroid addiction, which is expected to worsen. Ryan sustained burns to his face and torso, leaving him with scars that won’t go away.

Ryan is still having a hard time getting over the attack, and some of the responses to his injuries from other people aren’t helping. Ryan will start publishing material to an adult website where customers will ask for naked images and videos while he struggles with his steroid addiction. It’s unclear where the grim new plotline will go, but it shows him turning to sex work to make money.

Peter Barlow exit

Could we anticipate Peter’s exit from the soap opera in the fall given that it has been made clear that he would leave at some point this year? Actor Chris Gascoyne is departing the program to pursue other opportunities, though it’s been suggested that this isn’t a long-term departure. That being stated, neither a return date nor an exit plot have been made public.

Tim dies?

Tim Metcalfe, a favorite of the audience, is reportedly going to be in grave danger amid the possibility that the killer Stephen may be revealed on the show. A showdown between Tim and the murderer Stephen that ends in a chase was hinted at during location filming. Is a shocking demise imminent given the reports that Stephen may attempt to kill Tim by allegedly trying to choke him?

Damon return?

Damon Hay, the villain, hasn’t been seen much in a while after going missing and being assumed dead more than a month ago. With the news that he is still alive, calls to Sarah Platt are pouring in. It is unknown if he has quit the program permanently or if he will return to the cobbles at some point because he has yet to make a comeback on the show.

With a new love interest, Todd Grimshaw might be set to fall in love once more. It’s been wonderful for him to have some time mostly alone after splitting up Billy and Paul, but it would be intriguing to investigate, the actor Gareth Pierce said about what’s in store for his character.

I believe Todd might be getting close to a potential love partner. I should also venture into that new territory.

Aadi and Courtney sparred.

Aadi Alahan would experiment this summer with an affair plot, beginning a covert relationship with his boss Darren’s wife Courtney, it was disclosed earlier this year. In recent episodes, the two have started having sex behind Darren’s back. However, since it was hinted at, there is a chance that it would result in danger and drama. This means that fall may turn out to be a volatile season for the character.

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