Corrie Anne Kirkbride’s will as she left just ‘£104k to husband’ despite soap success

With her tragic death from illness in 2015, Coronation Street great Anne Kirkbride left the show’s fans in shock. Despite her years of fame, it was reported that the actress left only £105,000 in her will.

Anne Kirkbride, a performer of Coronation Street, reportedly left only £104,000 in her will despite receiving an estimated £270,000 a year salary to play the renowned Deirdre Barlow.

After battling breast cancer from 1972 to 2014 while portraying the popular character of Anne in Corrie, she passed away in January 2015 at the age of 60.

At the 2015 British Soap Awards, Anne also received the Outstanding Achievement Award posthumously.

According to reports, Anne left her husband, David Beckett, £104,000 in her will, excluding any shared property and assets that would have been in his name by default.

On the set of Corrie, where he portrayed her lover, handyman Dave, she met fellow actor David.

Anne left her husband her life savings, totaling £104,000. The actress had an inheritance of £186,651, which she depleted following debts to £103,942.

In 2011, four years before she passed away, Anne, who reputedly made £270,000 a year portraying Deirdre, had her will drafted.

Additionally, she had created a separate will for her Spanish possessions, where she and David owned a vacation property.

Two years after they first met on the set, in 1992, the pair was hitched.

In 2012, Anne stated: “Although there was an immediate attraction between David and I when we first met, I didn’t want to get close to him. I fought against it. Both of us did.

“I didn’t want to ruin things for him because he was in a relationship. I didn’t want to commit to someone who wasn’t available.

“It changed once we had to do love scenes. You have no other option. It is inevitable when you are resisting an attraction and are made to perform situations like that.”

After receiving chemo, Anne, who had smoked a lot all of her life, beat non-Hodgkins cancer in 1993.

In the fall of 2014, she then fought breast cancer in secret.

Her personality Deirdre was well known for her deep voice and enormous glasses.

Deirdre had 13 lovers, four marriages, and her daughter was imprisoned for murder.

On the same day as Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married in July 1981, she wed Ken Barlow, who was portrayed by William Roache.

Millions of people witnessed the extramarital romance she later had with Mike Baldwin in 1983.

Despite having an affair with the proprietor of a corner store, Dev Alahan, Deirdre was reunited with Ken in 1999, and they wed again in 2005.

Also unfairly imprisoned for fraud in 1998, the character sparked the “Free the Weatherfield One” movement and received a mention from Tony Blair in the House of Commons.

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