Corrie Aaron theories – secret identity, abuse horror and Summer pregnancy twist

Tonight on Coronation Street, Summer and Aaron have a contentious dispute as they spend the evening together alone.

Aaron tries to get Summer’s attention, but she pushes him away before telling him that night about her concerns.

With their recently revived romance, the couple has already made several significant choices, including arranging their first vacation together. Many fans have been talking about the new Weatherfield couple on social media.

Additionally, since Aaron joined the cast, fans have ‘worked out’ several hypotheses regarding the character on social media.

Here, Daily Star examines a few Aaron-related rumours.

Summer Spellman pregnancy

After Summer Spellman and Aaron chose to travel together, fans predicted that Summer would discover she was pregnant.

The Weatherfield youngster just restarted her relationship with newcomer Aaron, but the story’s supporters believe they have come up with a twist.

Viewers discussed Summer and Aaron’s holiday plans on social media when Billy Mayhew suggested that making holiday plans after a challenging year that saw Summer get type 1 diabetes and pass out during her exams.

Following their vacation, some people expected that Summer would become pregnant. One fan asked the following question on Twitter: “Do you think the next Summer plot is going to be a holiday pregnancy?”

The second said, “Perhaps Summer will become pregnant.”

Heartbreaking secret

In a current episode of the soap opera, Summer tried to tickle Aaron, and he flinched.

When he told Summer that he had been attacked, she pushed him to call the police, but he refused, telling her that he “wasn’t listening to him.”

The pair reconciled, but when Aaron received a threatening phone call, he appeared shaken. Viewers overheard him reply to the unknown caller: “Five? I misunderstood what you meant; no problem, I’ll come right away. Please refrain; I’ll be leaving immediately.

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I just got confused.”

Fans believe they have now “figured out” Aaron’s tragic secret; some have even speculated that he may be a victim of domestic abuse.

A supporter remarked, “I feel like Aaron’s father is physically abusing him or something along those lines.”

A third tweeted: “I believe Aaron is being physically abused by his father,” while a second added: “Think his dad is assaulting him.”

A fourth person said: “There is no doubt that either Aaron’s mother or father is abusing him. In addition to the bumps and the phone call, he also told Summer that he wasn’t used to somebody watching out for him.”

Fans have suspected that Aaron is hiding something not for the first time; in recent weeks, other people have commented on Aaron’s actions on social media.

One supporter stated: “Aaron’s cover story: I’m concerned about him. He comes off as a good young man.”

Aaron is related to a cobbles resident

Since Summer first encountered Aaron in a support group for diabetics, fans have been wondering about his identity. Before it was shown that there was no relationship, some even suggested that he might be connected to Summer.

Initially, a supporter had stated: “At first, I believed Aaron was linked to Summer, possibly even her biological brother. Summer was adopted as a baby, as we all know.”

Although it has since been proven false, a different notion that was first reported in The Express suggested that Aaron might be Kevin Webster’s long-lost son because he shared the same aptitude and enthusiasm for mechanics as the shop owner.

According to the hypothesis, Natalie Horrocks, played by Denise Welch, may have given birth to Aaron, and Kevin was not aware of Natalie’s pregnancy when she left Weatherfield.

Only time will tell if this twist becomes true, and if Kevin’s life will change if this is proven to be true. Fans do not appear to have noticed this on social media just yet.

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