Corrie 2023: Stephen targets Carla, ‘colossal’ Damon twist and ‘shocking’ teen plot

In the upcoming year, Coronation Street has enormous stories planned as well as a variety of surprises, bombshells, heartbreak, and happiness.

Iain MacLeod, the soap’s producer, has announced that a number of characters will take center stage in numerous important stories that will run in 2023.

In the midst of his “dangerous” acts on the street, Damon Hay “turns heads,” which leads to an unexpected and show-altering romantic narrative.

Max Turner will have to accept the fact that he was raised by an extreme group in the soap’s culmination to the far-right storyline.

While the younger characters will once again be featured in a significant new narrative that is expected to “shock” audiences, Nina Lucas and Roy Cropper also have significant sequences in store.

Abi Franklin will become entangled in the young people’s drama as she is entrusted with determining who is telling the truth while there is also other work in the works for her.

Stephen Reid continues to go to great efforts to conceal his murderous activities, and sequences will also show him seeking out Carla Connor as a new victim when she degrades him.

In the midst of “dangerous” moments with Mike and Esther, Todd Grimshaw, Paul Foreman, and Billy Mayhew will work together to aid teenager Summer Spellman.

One of the males is slated for a significant narrative of their own, and it has been hinted that a previous couple will soon fall in love.

For Daisy and Daniel, Fiz and Tyrone, and Spider, there are also some uncertain moments, potential danger, and maybe some happy moments in the future.

Iain revealed details to The Mirror and other media, beginning with Roy and Nina: “I adore this tale. In essence, Roy received a smartphone at Christmas from Nina. Nina buys him this phone because she thinks he needs to catch up.

“Comedy ensues, but eventually the tone shifts to one of seriousness as Roy chooses to embark on an adventure. Due to the fact that he lost his phone, he is now in some danger, which puts Nina in some danger as well.

“What begins as a humorous tale becomes much more serious as Roy and his love for Nina and vice versa come into focus.

It also includes Evelyn, and I’m really smitten with their relationship because they are about the same age and are clearly deeply in love despite neither of them admitting it.

He continued with the conclusion of the far-right narrative: “In the first few months of the year, it will reach its peak. Over the course of 2023, Max will come to understand his mistakes, and what we are doing now is about him being un-brainwashed and deprogrammed after all he has gone through.

The effects will linger for quite some time.”

Regarding Spider’s role in the novel, he added: “Spider is involved in Max’s story, has a moment of bravery, and puts himself in some risk in the process of unraveling everything. He demonstrates that he is a kind guy who tries to behave decently.”

Iain observed of Damon: “He is a dangerous person. He might first be perceived as a more skilled operator than Harvey. In the not too distant future, we learn that beyond this polished exterior, there lurks something just as ruthless and lethal as Harvey.

He disrupts the lives of many people and brings crime to the doorstep of a family that undoubtedly needs to move on from the past, but all of a sudden, bang, they are back in the muck.

As he reestablishes contact with other family members and their lifestyles, there is a ton of items for him to play with. As the year progresses, he develops a strong interest to a prominent female character on the show, who would later have her perspective altered in a way that has extremely significant repercussions.

“I’m now working on storylines for June, and in that tale with Damon and this love story that will air in June, there’s a build-up and then a big explosion.

“I hope we can go back and explore Harvey at some point with that persona. My dream scenario is that one day we can take Harvey off the streets and put him in a room with Damon, who by the time Harvey is able to leave will be sworn enemies. It’s intriguing to consider Harvey vs. Damon at some point in the future.”

Iain also intimated that Carla needed to keep an eye on Stephen and foreshadowed what was in store for him.

He stated: “Everyone ought to be concerned. Everyone on the team is anxious. No body is ever buried for very long, so Stephen is in some pretty severe danger when Leo’s father Teddy shows up. Teddy has a bad feeling about Stephen and believes he may have something to do with Leo’s disappearance.

“We all know what Stephen did the last time he found himself in a tight spot, so how far will he go to get rid of this new threat? Over the course of the following year or two, [he] becomes more and more frantic because there is so much more to come.

“Getting the job in Underworld, he believes, will be his first step back up the ladder to the top of the international rank trade. He will next aim to unseat Carla, who is currently at the top of the heap. With those two, there is this extremely effective psychological warfare that naturally carries the weight of our knowing that he has killed someone.

“Carla is therefore unknowingly stirring up this hornet’s nest when she belittles him, makes him make tea, and undercuts him in front of clients. Of course, at some point, all the hornets do emerge, but probably not in the manner you would anticipate.

“I’ll eat my hat if anyone guesses what Stephen does to Carla. In all honesty, his scheme is so bizarre and sinister that I would be shocked if anyone discovered it.

“Her conflict with Stephen will be the focus of [Carla and Peter’s] narrative. Being extremely worried about his wife’s history of mental health issues played a part in that, according to Peter.

He won’t get along with her if he tries to be overly protective, take up her cause, or make unproductive interventions. They are progressing well, but it is in preparation for this scenario later on.

“That will be the thing that draws them back together again,” says Carla, who finds herself suddenly in Stephen’s sights and in some danger as a result.

On the imminent narrative involving Todd, Billy, and Paul, he disclosed: “For two of them, romance is in the air; I’ll let you make an educated guess as to which one.

“In the past, I’m aware that there have been folks who are on team Todd and Billy who have very strong opinions, and Paul and Billy who are on the opposing side of the debate.

“With the writing staff, we’ve been debating this for years. We choose a team, but the story will center on all three of them regardless of which team ends up being a couple in the conclusion.

Todd exhibits both a lot of compassion and, at times, a lot of cunning. Additionally, we slam a big plot onto one of them, sort of turning former foes become best friends in secret. They are having a unique year. They are the focus of one of our most significant tales.

He continued, mentioning the Mike, Esther, and Summer surrogacy scheme: “Some of them are going to have a poor outcome. It’s thrilling that she finds herself in some sort of terrible jeopardy. Actually, the purpose of it is to tell a tale about that family unit.

We get a beautiful, heartwarming aftertaste because in the end, it’s her three dads who save her from oblivion and reconnect her with who she was before she lost her way a little.

Iain gave us some details about the massive plot that will shock the teenagers, saying: “We reasoned that we could make a compelling narrative with the young characters at its center.

It’s really teen and relatable. We are hoping that it will be one of those tales that slightly surprises viewers and starts awkward talks in front of the TV.

“As a program, we’re incredibly lucky to have that cross-generational appeal where younger people might watch Corrie with their grandma. Due to its difficult tonal terrain, this plot will stimulate debates that you wouldn’t usually have in a cross-generational setting.

“I’m extremely happy with it. We’re working with several organizations to get the specifics correct, and at its core, it’s just about those wonderful young actors being the superstars they are.

“This is one of those stories, just like the Seb and Nina one, which attracted Roy and Abi and individuals from other generations. There are significant issues for those who are directly involved, but as their parents, loved ones, and families are affected, the effects cascade throughout the entire production.”

Regarding Abi’s role in the novel, Iain disclosed: “She is involved in one of the plots I’ve described. In the major socially conscious issue story we’re telling with these individuals, she plays a crucial role as a confidante to one of the young people.

“She adopts them in a way and then finds herself in a difficult situation. Whose account of the events does she trust?

Will she take a position? It prompts her to look into her own long history of substance misuse.

“There are a few options on the table that we are experimenting with [for Abi], and both of them have pleasant flavors. We really want to do one of these, but it’s a little too similar to another narrative we’re telling right now, so we’ll have to wait.

“But in essence, it has to do with Abi reconnecting with someone from her past who turns out to be the last person you’d expect to find out about Abi’s past. There will also be a significant cultural clash when Abi meets this person from her past with whom she shares a historical connection but who is the complete opposite.

“That is in the works. We sincerely want Abi to be content. We want her and Kevin to be content but not to be too cozy because that makes things a little monotonous. However, we shall throw things at them.

He explained: “Hope develops this toxic curiosity about her dad that leads into some very interesting sort of blackly funny territory for Fiz and Tyrone. She develops a sort of obsession with John Stape, which is problematic for Tyrone and Fiz.

“So Fiz and Tyrone’s personal issues are now behind them, but they will continue to struggle with parenting Hope. Without giving anything away, Hope’s actions result in an unpleasant argument with one of her adult neighbors that involves a chinchilla.

He hinted to Daisy and Daniel’s mother’s impending presence while also spilling the beans on their upcoming nuptials and a perilous new scheme for the couple.

In his words: “It tells the tale of a young woman using the internet and highlights the risks influencers and famous people face.

“As the wedding draws near, Daisy is effectively put in danger because of her enormous online following. The majority of the narrative is lighthearted; it centers on Daniel and Daisy’s culture/class comedy. There is enjoyable amusement to be had there, but Daisy’s online existence also presents a nagging threat in the background.

“It takes Daniel and Daisy some time to realize that danger is brewing, and by the time that happens, we’re into a really interesting, current, socially significant story that spans the entire year of 2023, threatens their relationship, and causes Daisy to lose faith in Daniel as she may have her ears turned.

In the middle, we do encounter her mother. Her mother is disorganized, uncaring, and hates Jenny. She also knows karate. Amy Robbins plays the part of her.

“It was just her when I first saw her audition tape for that role. That makes things a lot lighter leading up to the wedding. It also sheds some light on Daisy’s past.

She comes across as a very mature, confident, and gorgeous young woman, but we soon learn that her past is a little more tragic than that.

“I feel for Daisy throughout this novel as we fill up a lot of her past. It’s going to be a really significant tale for us, one that I don’t often see on television, and it’s going to be a long one, so those two have plenty of room to play with in the coming year.”

For the time being, Iain ruled out any comebacks, but he remained optimistic that Sharon Bentley would eventually make an appearance. Additionally, he hinted to Brian and Mary’s “will they, won’t they” love tale.

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