Coronation Street’s Yasmeen and Stu reunite as murderer lurks through Weatherfield

Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King), the matriarch of Coronation Street, has experienced quite the emotional rollercoaster recently after her romance with Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) was upended.

The mother-of-one struggled to let down her guard after fleeing an abusive marriage to her ex-husband Geoff Metcalfe in 2020 in order to prevent herself from being injured again.

But in recent months, as their relationship got stronger over time, the popular star was able to open up to the former street person.

Therefore, it was only natural that the raven-haired beauty would be completely devastated when she learned last week that the silver-haired fox had served 27 years in prison for the murder of a woman named Charlie.

The charming rogue got into a fight with Yasmeen after he revealed his horrible history, and was later taken into custody for disturbing the peace.

In the upcoming episodes, Yasmeen will now have to make the difficult choice of whether or not she believes Stu as he continues to claim his innocence in opposition to the nearly 30-year sentence.

Zeedan, Yasmeen’s grandson, and Alya set out this week to discover the truth about who the real murderer in Weatherfield is.

The two search through the case files together at the beginning of the week and find Stu’s interview tapes, which show that he was questioned for more than ten hours nonstop with one suspicious tape missing.

Yasmeen meets Stu in prison, where he gives her the entire tale of his affair with Charlie, and the two continue working on the secret files at that time.

Later, Yasmeen speaks with his lawyer Norman, who verifies that Stu was forced into confessing and raises the possibility that he might not be guilty.

Two days later, as Stu exits the prison, Yasmeen is waiting for him and she shocks him by confessing that she thinks the newcomer is innocent.

The brunette beauty persuaded him to tell his daughter Bridget about his plans during the return trip as she welcomed him into her residence at No. 6.

Tim and Elaine plead with Yasmeen to reconsider letting Stu remain with her and aiding the formerly homeless guy in clearing his record toward the end of the week.

Stu offers to leave after hearing all the whispers of advice during the week, but Yasmeen encourages he stay because she is right in saying that leaving will just make him look guilty.

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