Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs upsets long-lost mother Cassie Plummer

In upcoming moments, Tyrone Dobbs from Coronation Street will unintentionally irritate Cassie Plummer, his long-lost mother.

As most viewers are aware, Evelyn Plummer abandoned Tyrone in a police station when he was a baby because she didn’t think her daughter Cassie could care for a child because of her drug addiction.

Tyrone discovers that Cassie is still alive despite Evelyn having previously informed him that she had passed away in scenes airing tonight (August 16).

This discovery completely upends Tyrone’s world, and Abi Webster advises him to consider very carefully before letting a drug addict in recovery into his life. However, once Tyrone learns Cassie’s true identity, he is determined to give her a chance.

The following week, Tyrone makes the decision to introduce Cassie to Kevin and Abi, letting her know that Abi is also a drug user in recovery.

Cassie feels embarrassed by this approach and lets Tyrone know it, even though he was just trying to make her feel at ease and introduce her to someone she could connect to.

Can they resolve the situation?

Although Cassie was first humiliated, Claire Sweeney has made fun of her character’s friendship with Abi.

I believe Cassie and Abi will be drawn to one another naturally, she said. Furthermore, “And I think it might take a little bit of a twist and turn in an unexpected way.”

The actress continued, “She is motivated to do her best to try and stay clean but at the end of the day she’s an addict. I don’t know if Cassie will stay clean in order to establish a strong bond with Tyrone.

Addicts occasionally stray from the path. She would exert every effort but the disease prevents her from doing so. It won’t be easy for any of them, and she can’t always manage it.

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