Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien shares how she ‘cried’ a lot during recent filming stint as she teases ‘more to come’

Star of Coronation Street Tina O’Brien has hinted that Sarah Barlow has “more to come” as she discusses how she recently “cried” a lot while filming. Following the revelation of her affair with Damon Hay, the ITV soap opera character has had a great deal of heartache lately.

When Sarah Barlow gave in to her desire for Weatherfield’s newest bad boy due to her husband’s demanding work schedule, she slept with Damon behind Adam Barlow’s back. Before learning that Sarah was carrying another child, however, things took a turn for the worst when her actions were made public.

After a paternity test, it was determined that Damon was the father; however, Stephen Reid, Sarah’s uncle, had already retrieved the first, torn-up letter from the trash and had altered the second one before it reached Adam.

And Sarah made the error of agreeing with Adam by thinking the foetus was his before he realised the reality.

In a tragic twist, as Sarah opened the balloon box to see if it was a boy or a girl after Adam planned a surprise gender reveal for his wife, a white balloon drifted up bearing the words “It’s Damon’s.”

Before Sarah tried to contact her husband after the transfer, Adam departed the couple’s house and spent the night on Peter Barlow and Carla Connor’s sofa.

But she appeared unwell and was in excruciating pain. He initially believed she was acting hurt, but Maria Windass told him she was going to the hospital, so he followed after her. He then learned that Sarah had been heartbrokenly informed that she had miscarried her unborn child, a baby girl who she had intended to call Sadie and who she later learned was a baby girl.

Adam later returned home and added to Sarah’s anguish by informing her that their relationship has lost trust and that he wants a divorce, despite her tragedy and after standing by his wife.

And now Tina has revealed how emotional she became just from reading the scene scripts. The actress told Digital Spy during a photo shoot for Inside Soap: “I didn’t know it was going that way, but every time I attempted to read the episode of the miscarriage, I’d cry. It was very expertly written, in my opinion.

Jan McVerry, a writer who has been working with us for a very long time and is tremendously skilled, wrote it. I considered myself extremely fortunate to be able to do that moment because it is heartbreaking and something that so many people experience.

Additionally, Tina affirmed that she is currently filming a new dramatic episode for Sarah. “It’s going to continue being quite busy for Sarah, in the aftermath of the Damon and Adam situation and of course the subsequent devastation that she feels over the miscarriage,” the 40-year-old soap star continued to the tabloid.

“More is forthcoming. We’ve only just begun filming some upcoming events, but they promise to be interesting. When asked if Damon had truly made his final appearance on Corrie, she grinned and said, “I would hate to give any secrets away, but I think knowing Damon, it might not be the end.”

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