Coronation Street’s Tim Metcalfe in Aggie ‘affair’ twist amid untimely death fears

In a shocking turn of events, Tim Metcalfe of Coronation Street appears ready to cheat on his wife Sally.

Tim and nurse Aggie Bailey had been more close in recent weeks as she helped him through his triple heart bypass and his issues with erectile dysfunction with Sally.

However, the two are likely to get even closer the following week as Sally learns that her husband has been killing time at home in No. 4 by browsing porn websites.

Tim gets home to find a note from Sal telling him that she has made up the extra bed since he isn’t welcome in theirs. Sal is furious and tells him to go to the cobbles’ Casino Night alone.

Sally is equally preoccupied with caring for Faye, but Faye isn’t interested in her suggestion that she pursue hormone replacement treatment to help with her early menopause.

Tim tries to reconcile with his wife later, but she accuses him of alienating her and demands that they spend some time apart.

Tim asks Sally to keep trying to help him, but is it already too late?

Tim confides his worries to Aggie over at Victoria Garden, but she just advises him to go to Sally about them. Tim confides in Sally that he has a dread of dying as a result of his cardiac fright.

Tim declines to bring up Aggie’s prodding, leaving Sally to wonder what eventually caused the realization to occur.

Later that week, when they are back together in Victoria Garden, Aggie gives Tim a book about surviving death and advises him to study it.

Tim forgets to mention that Aggie suggested the book, but Sally is pleased that he is now confronting his issues after burying his head in the sand for so long.

Next week, Jenny’s boyfriend Leo also comes clean about some unpleasant realities, so Tim isn’t the only one who is hiding things. To Leo’s delight, Daniel approaches him and says he needs laborers—much to Daisy’s amusement.

Daniel will have to spend the night at the Rovers as a result, and when he awakens at three in the morning, he is shocked to see Leo standing there looking dapper as usual.

After learning from Paul that Leo’s last day on the job is today, Daniel informs Daisy that Leo is obviously concealing something from Jenny. He immediately tells Daisy, who subsequently alerts Jenny to the two’s concerns.

Leo eventually tells the truth during dinner at the Bistro, but what exactly has he been concealing?

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