Coronation Street’s Tim and Aggie affair ‘sealed’ as fans predict Sally betrayal

Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) and Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) are rumored to be having a passionate relationship, according to Coronation Street viewers.

Since the Street Cars employee confided in the nurse about his heart issues, the two have become closer.

He also talked openly about his problems in the bedroom and his marital issues with his wife, Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor).

Tim was supposed to participate in the Rovers Return vs. Flying Horse charity game in recent scenes.

He believed Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harskishin), who was giving a pre-game pep talk, was making fun of his impotence.

Tim stormed out, accusing his friend Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) of breaking his trust, forcing Weatherfield County football player and Aggie’s son James Bailey (Nathan Graham) to step in.

Aggie noticed a dejected Tim as they were leaving and invited him in for a drink. As the game began, they caught up over a cup of coffee.

Tim unburdened himself while the players gave it their all, and the two were last seen laughing at Tim’s double entendre about “rising” as Aggie prepared a cake.

James unexpectedly fell during the game, causing panic, and was later rushed to the hospital.

When her family questioned Aggie about her whereabouts as she arrived to meet her son, she appeared guilty.

Twitter users who follow the ITV soap opera immediately questioned whether Aggie and Tim were about to start a covert relationship.

One fan asked on Twitter, “Are we going to see a Tim and Aggie affair at the end?”

“I pray #Corrie ain’t going to have Tim and Aggie having an affair,” another person remarked.

A third person posted: “Is Aggie having some kind of non-affair with Tim?”

In contrast, a fourth person on social media commented: “Every time I see Aggie and Tim in a scene, I can’t help but assume some affair is coming.”

When her frightened mother learned James had been “dead for five minutes,” she appeared much more troubled with guilt.

In the episode that aired on Thursday, September 15, James arrived at his house and waited anxiously to speak with the manager of Weatherfield County.

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