Coronation Street’s Summer Spellman to be held captive in baby storyline

Early in January, Summer Spellman of Coronation Street encounters danger as her plot with Mike and Esther Hargrave develops.

Mike and Esther are ready to pay Summer to act as their surrogate, and Summer is about to accept their second offer.

In subsequent scenes, Summer schedules a visit to the fertility center to start the plan.

Billy Mayhew assures Summer that he won’t get in the way of her this time in an effort to prevent a recurrence of their previous arguments.

Todd Grimshaw and Paul Foreman, Summer’s other two fathers, are less understanding and promise in private to learn more about Mike and Esther.

Todd is advised by Paul to raise some cash to pay off Mike and Esther in the hopes that if the price is right, they’ll finally leave Summer alone.

There are further red flags that Mike and Esther aren’t as perfect as they appear later in the week.

Summer and Mike are spotted by Leanne Battersby, who recognizes Mike as the inebriated man who flirted with her at the Bistro.

Billy is alerted by Leanne, who becomes concerned right away and resolves to tell Summer the truth.

When Todd tells that a woman who attends Mike and Esther’s former church, Ava, has contacted him, Summer is in for more surprises.

Todd has heard from Ava that she formerly had a relationship with Mike. Esther agrees that this is accurate when Summer brings it up to her, but she also adds that Mike’s treachery has already happened.

When Summer meets with Ava to get her perspective on the situation, she is stunned by what she learns.

Summer visits Esther and Mike’s house in a rage and with the impression that she has been taken advantage of.

When Mike puts Summer in the nursery and removes her backpack, which contains her phone and insulin, the visit turns hazardous.

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