Coronation Street’s Stu rushed to hospital after collapse as secret exposed

As his secret is revealed on Coronation Street the next week, Stu Carpenter is taken to the hospital.

Last week, viewers saw Stu pay his daughter Bridget his first visit in a long time, however it wasn’t a joyful reunion.

Stu told his daughter, “I didn’t hurt that girl,” hinting to the reason why she is wary of him and won’t speak to him.

Although it is this week that all is revealed, it is still unclear to whom or to what Stu is alluding, which causes Yasmin to end their relationship.

The following week, Zeedan returns from his vacation, and Kelly is outraged by what she has seen about Stu on social media.

Alya updates her brother on the situation and shares her concern for Yasmeen’s reaction to the bombshell.

Kelly, on the other hand, is determined to hear Stu’s version of the story, and when she and Aadi go looking for him, they discover him lying drunk and barely aware in the streets.

At the hospital, Kelly is informed that Stu is awake, and she gets ready to confront him with some difficult questions about his background after Aadi calls for an ambulance.

When Yasmeen pays Stu a visit in the hospital, she won’t listen to him out, and when Stu is at his worst, he is persuaded that Kelly is better off without her.

He yells at Kelly that she’s a bother and isn’t welcome any longer, which makes the irate girl depart.

Later in the week, Zeedan is left to watch over their grandmother as Alya departs for a vacation.

Stu arrives to Speed Daal to speak to Yasmeen when he finally leaves the hospital, but Zeedan quickly sends him away.

When she gets to No. 6 later, she discovers Stu getting his watch out of his former room. Yasmeen surreptitiously calls Zeedan despite his refusal to leave before she has heard the whole story.

When her grandson and Craig break into the home, Stu is taken into custody for disturbing the peace.

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