Coronation Street’s Stu ‘in danger’ as fans spot rival prisoner’s sinister actions

Fans are confident they have seen another prisoner who poses a serious threat to Coronation Street favorite Stu Carpenter, who may even be in danger while inside.

After serving 27 years in jail, Stu made an attempt to persuade Yasmeen Metcalfe that he wasn’t a murderer. However, locking Yasmeen in her house perhaps wasn’t the greatest course of action.

Craig put him in jail for disturbing the peace, and he also got put in jail again for violating his parole.

Zeedan visited the prisoner to inquire about the situation since he had grown concerned after learning about the allegedly dishonest officer who coerced Stu into making a confession.

However, viewers saw another convict in the visitation area on Wednesday’s show (August 17) with a pretty nasty air about him as he sipped on a cup of water with another across from him – but no visitor to drink it.

Fans were certain they had observed the same prisoner listening to Stu’s chat when they shared the screenshot on Twitter.

Then, could he be monitoring the erstwhile homeless chef?

Fans appear to agree, as seen by one tweet that read, “Yes, yes, yes, homeless Stu and Zeedan.

“This miscarriage of justice thing is very interesting, but what really worries me is why the next inmate over is sitting at a table by himself with two glasses of water.”

He was the same prisoner who had been waiting for the phone and listening to his talk at the end of the performance, another person promptly retorted.

Is this connected or are they just trying to save money for the show, LOL?

I’m sure he’s up to something, he was watching Stu on the phone too, another social media user chimed in. monitoring him and making threats to him?”

Someone else commented, “I’d imagine the individual was on their way or maybe just nipped to the restroom?”

“Is he gazing inside the cup?” a fifth spectator asked in jest. Has the pet spider inside visited? seems logical.

Some fans believe that Bridget, Stu’s daughter, committed the infamous murder, and that Stu only confessed to keep her out of punishment.

His ex-wife Lucy’s name has also been used, particularly after she appeared at Speed Daal to lash out at Stu for trying to get in touch with the family once more.

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