Coronation Street’s Stu Carpenter to keep a devastating secret from Yasmeen

In scenes that will air on ITV, STU Carpenter’s past is expected to be revealed.

But the Coronation Street character will struggle to be honest with Yasmeen Nazir now that his secrets have been revealed.

Could there be trouble in paradise brewing?

Yasmeen (played by Shelley King) and Bill Fellows’ character, a previously homeless guy, had been dating for a number of months.

The co-owner of Speed Daal has found this difficult because she is still troubled by her abusive marriage to Geoff Metcalfe in the past.

However, given that the reformed chef’s sinister history will be revealed in upcoming moments of the ITV soap opera, Yasmeen might consider cutting off her relationship with him.

For the first time in years, Stu will see his estranged daughter Bridget, and the reunion won’t be pleasant.

Actor Bill Fellows explained to The Sun and other media why his character and Bridget might not get along.

He said, “He truly loved his daughter.”

“He went off to the Navy and did his own thing, so I don’t think he was a perfect father. Perhaps he wasn’t present long enough.”

Stu is devastated when Bridget rejects him, as spoilers hinted, as he is both nervous and excited for their meeting.

But when speaking about his daughter to Yasmeen, Stu will choose to keep things to himself and will lie to her.

“He wants it to become history. An innocent white lie. There’s a reason he doesn’t want to elaborate on that, “teasingly, Bill.

This may be the result of another, potentially shocking secret that Stu is keeping from Yasmeen and all of his loved ones in the cobblestones.

How will Yasmeen respond when she learns that Stu has been deceiving her?

Due to her painful memories of Geoff and despite Stu’s best efforts, Bill is convinced that she might “blow it out of proportion.”

She is so easily triggered because she is so sensitive to her past, he said.

“Any lie might get blown out of proportion by her. There was no malice intended by him.”

The Corrie actor has also stated that as new episodes air, his on-screen alter ego will “become more secretive.”

Stu has kept the specifics of his past a secret ever since he first arrived in the cobbles and after being a key player in the Seb Franklin death investigation.

Could things be about to get really bad?

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