Coronation Street’s Stu Carpenter faces arrest after police officer assault

Eliza Woodrow (played by Savannah Kunyo) and her estranged father Dom Everett (Darren Morfitt) have just reconciled in recent weeks, much to the delight of Coronation Street viewers.

It has, however, strained her connection with her grandfather Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows), who has made it clear he isn’t Dom’s biggest supporter.

Stu’s situation is about to become worse, according to official soap opera spoilers, as he has a run-in with the police regarding Eliza’s welfare.

The school calls Stu to let him know that his granddaughter didn’t show up in scenes that will air the following week.

He is quite worried about her location because he thinks she already left early.

Though it takes him only a little while to realize that her father must be involved and visit his home to seek clarification.

He accuses him of taking Eliza during the night and is shocked when the young girl acknowledges that she went away on her own and wants to be with Dom.

After being called by Stu, a social worker and police show there to attempt and defuse the situation and speak with the child.

Stu is outraged by what he sees happening in front of him and explains that Eliza should stay with her father at his house for the time being because it’s in her best interests to do so.

Stu’s situation swiftly worsens though as a police officer tries to remove him.

Accidentally hitting him in the face, he is shocked as the police take him into custody for assault while Dom cheers them on.

Later, Stu is devastated when a social worker phones No. 6 and says Eliza wants to stay at her father’s house.

Has he truly lost his granddaughter? Or will Dom’s playful side eventually become apparent to Eliza?

Stu’s connection with his granddaughter has gotten worse since Dom entered their lives since he has made it clear that he doesn’t like him.

Eliza and Stu argue in the scenes that will air next week as a result of her father not showing up when they were supposed to meet.

The youngster, who insists he doesn’t care about her, runs irrationally across the road and gets hit by a car.

She was taken urgently to the hospital to be examined, but when her father eventually arrived, she had not sustained any serious wounds.

Eliza stands with her father and tells her grandfather to leave while Stu and Dom argue in the hospital.

Is Dom’s scheme to drive a wedge between them succeeding?

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